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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sending a few answers your way...

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Several weeks ago, I was chosen, by my blogging friend Amanda, from Homegrown and Beeyoutiful, among several other women, to answer the following questions about myself. 

On the outset, I just want to say, that I don't typically follow through on this sort of thing.  (Remember Melanie? You've tried to tag me a couple of times.)  It's the same with those good ole recipe circle letters, etc. etc.  Don't mail them to me.... I don't do them.  I'm the one who always breaks the chain.  Sorry about that, but not really!!

But these questions were a bit different, and very fair, and they deserved to be answered... and so I thought I would just give these seven questions an answer. 

Amanda wanted to know and I quote, " these questions begin easy and get DEEP, so I want REAL here, girls."
* * * *
~What is your favorite meal to fix for your family that you enjoy and they enjoy?  One of my go-to meals is Soft Taco's.  I can easily brown up the burger, throw in some (drained) black beans, add one of my homemade taco seasoning packets, get together all the fixin's; salsa, sour cream, cheese, tomato and shredded lettuce,and don't forget the hot sauce.  I usually like to make a side of either corn (or corn bread) and some oven-baked white rice.  The kids love it.....especially Caleb.  Isn't this what every mom would say - a meal that you know your family is going to enjoy is always easier to fix - because you know there is little clean up afterwards.

~If you had a free day with your husband and children and all your work was done what would you spend the day doing?  These are rare... but probably to go sight-seeing or to visit extended family somewhere.  These sort of days usually have to get planned.

~If you had a free day by yourself and your family was taken care of, what would you spend the day doing?
Oh honey, where do I start?  I would probably get myself into a tail-spin of what to do first. And actually, I have had an occasional day like this where- say if Scott was at work and the kids were at grandma's for a couple of hours... I would spend the day cleaning (get that out of the way first), pull out all my paints, decorate a wreath for the front door, and of course sew up a few bags.  It has happened.  And, for that I'm certainly grateful.

~Why did you start blogging? 
Almost two years ago, come January, is when I started blogging.  I thought it would be a helpful way for close friends and family to stay in touch with us - because at the time we were seriously considering a move out-of-state, to NC, to be exact.  In fact a couple of my first posts talk about that. 
As you can tell, that move didn't happen, but blogging continued to be a wonderful outlet for me; a voice; an expression of creativity; a journal of sorts (something I always enjoyed already); a chance to grow in communication while exercising English concepts, grammer and writing skills (stuff I still need much growth in but it's been good).... and than of course, the most obvious, some really great friendships have evolved out of blogging.  There are several fellow blogger's out there that I would love the opportunity to sit down with, face-to-face, over a hot cup of coffee or tall glass of sweet tea - which ever comes first - and just really "connect".

~Do you have a TV and if so what good family movies do you recommend?  Yes we have a TV!  But I haven't watched anything TV wise - in months.  Seriously.  Scott will occasionally try to watch a football game but even that gets trumped for Thomas or Veggie Tales.  Yeah, our TV... it's a small 13" screen tucked inside the confines of an old buffet cabinet that came from my parents...and as far as I'm concerned it can stay like that.  This is a whole nother story though... we'll have to save that for another time. 
If I were to recommend any family movies I would have to say that these are tops in our home.   Anne of Green Gables - series,  Season's of the Heart (Feature Films for Families), Babe - the pig, Old Yeller, Parent Trap, Facing the Giants... and I know I'm missing a bunch.  Oh, I can't forget Simon Birch... I think thats a must see. 
I won't name any names but a couple of my readers are rolling their eyes, right now, I'm sure of it - including my husband.

~Tell me three things you are passionate about.  Well,  I would love to say the usual, expected response of things like the Lord Jesus Christ - first and foremost.  My Church  and my family.  But I'm going to be really honest and share... that right now... I would have to say it's
1.) Photography.  I'm always looking for the beauty in the ordinary and it's all about finding that perfect shot.  Granted I have a long way to go in this field.  There is a lot I don't know or understand but the passion for photography is there, and I want to make it happen. 
2.) Creativity.  This kind of goes along with the first answer here, but it also reaches into my sewing (http://www.bagsbybevy.etsy.com/), my kitchen in meal prep, etc.  and just in general home keeping - finding something new to re-purpose, paint over or to redecorate.  I'm all about getting creative when you have to. 
3.) I would have to say I'm passionate about the Spirit of Hospitality.  In my life or in my home.  It's a desire of my heart and I am appreciative of the opportunity - lately- to practice that.... in many, many ways.  May the Lord be glorified.

~If God had not called you to be a wife and a mother what do you think he would have called you to do?
Well, not being 100% sure... I would have to assume that it would be to remain in the nursing field.  Before I was married I was working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), on a Maternity Ward and before that in Pediatrics.  I've often wondered if Nursing was a route I was to pursue. At one point, I thought about going to school.   I prayed about it - a lot - and, even started the idea/process of going to college... but, the door, for that, soon closed and I was okay with that.

Also, I've always wanted to own a very low-key Bed & Breakfast.  That idea is sort of dying out and yet, at the same time - this is where hospitality gets played out from time to time  in our home that keeps this very idea fresh and alive.  Will a full fledged B & B ever take place?  Who knows...

All my life, I've felt called to be a wife and a mom (and the best one that I could possibly be).  Have I arrived?  Yes and No.  There is always room for growth and improvement... and I'm workin' on that.

* * * *

So, there you have my answers!  It only took me all morning to do it -  of course, around the usual home life activities and the onset of a major migraine.  ((sigh))  But, I wanted to do this...

Amanda, thank you for bringing this questionnaire my way, it made me really think.    I will say that I don't intend to "tag" anyone else with it, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.  I told you I'm the one who likes to break the chain... around here.  I don't know if that's good or bad. 

 But, it made me think about this....

If you (dear readers) have any other pertinent questions for me (this seems like it's becoming a popular trend in blogging right now and not that I want to follow the in-crowd) but if you have any specific questions for me... I would like to extend the invitation... I would love to take on another Q & A post.  I'll just let the questions come on in and then when I get a good handful - I'll just take the time to answer them (the best I can) in an upcoming blog post, and so on. 

 What do you think?


  1. Oh! I could see you running a B & B! I would definitely come! Great answers, Bevy! And you are doing great with your photography. If you ever have any questions call me, e-mail me...whatever...and I will help you out if I can! :)

  2. That's a great idea. I get stuck in a rut with blog posts sometimes and need inspiration. What sweet and honest answers Bevy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to answer them.{we have alot in common!}

  3. Hi Bevy! I came by to see if you answered your questions and you had. I enjoyed meeting you today. I look forward to coming back and getting to know you more.


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