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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The view from my kitchen window...almost.

 . .. . . .. . . . .. .. . . .

I know I came across with a pretty heavy post yesterday - a different approach for a Thanksgiving post, at that - so I'm going to lighten it up just a bit today. ;) 

I'm afraid, when it comes to taking fall photos, this year, I just can't seem to get out of my own way for some reason.  I've been so enjoying ALL the beautiful scenery and these photos are no exception.  

This is pretty much the view from my kitchen window

Well, almost. 

There is a cow pasture in between (which I love, too) our house and this field.

Okay.  Here you are...
One afternoon, I threw the little ones into the van, went down to the next driveway, trying to vie for some "close ups".   I love these photos... just thought I'd share them with you, too. 


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, today!

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  1. Just wondering if I can come live in that little red shed. What an enticing picture! I love the view out the window. Sure would make doing dishes a lot more enjoyable. I look at our grill. I'm thinking I need to move the grill. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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