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Thursday, December 9, 2010

birds of a feather, flock together

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Growing up, there was always this bubbling excitement over more then one bird on an overhead line. It was really exciting if there were a whole long row of them.
 I'm not sure where this came from  - but probably something our Mother drilled into us; something to divert our attention from our silly, rough house play and, this is what she would say:

"Look girls,  the birdies are having church.  They're singing their songs, so sweetly... they're sitting there so nicely.....".

I don't know if it was meant for us to "learn something from the birds, on how to behave in church" but in a sense, she wasn't too far off.

So, imagine my excitement, one late afternoon, while looking out my kitchen window at the rare scene of "the birds having church".   I grabbed my camera and ran out the back door - hoping to capture this "memory" in it's truest of forms. 

I don't remember seeing anything like this in a really long time. 

I got to thinking about something our former pastor would often talk about.  He would - as caring as possible- encourage us to gather on a Sunday Morning - Early!  and, at least, if not at best, On Time! 
I will admit here - while I can - I am preaching to choir here.

Notice the one little bird trying to settle in for "worship", perhaps after the service has already started?

You know how that is.  If you're late (to church, a meeting or an engagement) or someone else is .... you can sense the distraction being made.  Maybe some folks don't even think about it....I don't know, and that isn't what this post is meant to be about... subject wise. 
Rather, it's meant to just bring encouragement in gathering with fellow beings (sister's and brother's) in the Lord.  For me, this includes...

- Church (standing commitment)
- Caregoup (standing commitment)
- MOPS (current commitment)
- Ladies Discipleship Group (current commitment)
- Family events (not-so-random commitment - these happen often)

Isn't it wonderful to gather?  One to worship the Lord; Our Saviour, Creator and Lord.  And two, to just be with the family of God?  I'll admit - there are plenty of times when I don't enjoy it.  I would rather be off flitting elsewhere... but there are many, many more times when the old adage of "birds of a feather flock together" (being with God's People) takes on a whole lot of meaning and realness, comfort and strength, encouragement and yes!, even, discipline.

I say discipline, because this might not mean just in going to church - but its the holidays... and family gatherings will abound, for most of us.  Sometimes it might not be easy.  Sometimes it's downright messy and hard.

It might mean (simply) choosing to gather; to sit there nicely, and to "join in the singing".

Although, hopefully it won't be mere act.  

But hopefully, rather, a true desire to be part of the flock.  The gathering.

: : Do you  sometimes stuggle to gather with fellow beings?  Why is that, and what makes it so hard for you?

On the other hand, what is it about gathering with others that makes it so meaningful? 

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  Let us not give up on meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching. ~ Hebrews 10: 24-25


  1. I realize I'm straying from the topic a bit, but I recognize that steeple in the background!! ;-)

  2. My mom used to say that too, especially if we saw the birds on Sunday morning!

    I'm an extreme introvert so I much prefer staying home alone to going and doing something with a group. After a while, being with people totally exhausts me and I need time to regroup. But I do see the importance of gathering with other believers and I enjoy that in different ways several times a week.

  3. I have never heard that saying before! Neat! I tend to be a bit introverted, but that doesn't usually stop me from joining with others. What is more my stumbling block is tiredness...especially if the event is in the evening. I just find my self wanting to be home at night especially in the winter months.

  4. Oh sweetie, this was just a beautiful post. Beautiful in thought and beautifully written. Yes, it is indeed great to 'flock' together.

    Your birdies remind me of summertime 'round here when the barn swallows gather every evening for the big bug hunt. Hubs and I will run out and cop a bench to watch sometimes!

    God bless ya and have a splendid day!!!!

  5. I always enjoy "flocking" with others. But this has been an acquired thing. As I grew older, I am more comfortable in my "own skin". And I do "flock together" who have the same ethics, morals and standards. So when I "flock", I am choosy.

    Your picture of the birds "having church" is more like a conference or revival.

    Your post is very well written.

  6. Lovely post and lovely photos. My family always said that birds on a wire were "birds having church" or "bird church". I live in Texas and we have grackles who often "congregate" on wires. Also pigeons and doves do the same thing.


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