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Monday, December 20, 2010

Brokenness | Review of Chapter Five

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~ The Blessing of Brokenness

The broken person...will find that all the resources of heaven
and all of the Spirit's power are now at his disposal
and, unless
heaven's riches can be exhausted
or the Spirit's power can be found wanting, he cannot come up short.  
~ Jennifer Kennedy Dean

There really is blessing in brokenness?  But how, you ask.  First off, why would anyone choose or desire to be broken?  It totally goes against the grain of our natural thinking, doesn't it?

No one would intentionally choose to break their arm; or their nose; or their "heart".  And yet, how many of us have walked around with a "broken heart" at one time, or another?  We didn't desire for that to happen, did we... and yet, a broken (and contrite) heart in God's eyes is equated with Unconditional Love. 

As we (the ladies of the group) were sitting there discussing this chapter, last week... we talked a lot of "the heart" and the blessings that come with brokenness.  Two verses, one in particular, that came in to the discussion was Ezekiel 36:25-26.
25. I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from your idols.  26. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
This is what unconditional love looks like and certainly speaks to the emotions of our heart... a new heart is a gift from God, to his children. 

How often do we pray for a heart of  flesh?  Or, to put it into a more normal way of saying: " Lord, soften my heart, don't let it become hardened, calloused and unyielding..." 

To quickly highlight the blessings of brokenness that this chapter talks about - I will just paraphrase what they were and I think you will get the picture of the depth of this chapter...
  • God draws near to the broken.  One note of reference, made in this section was that "my pride steals God's glory" - it's as simple as that.
  • When we're broken before the Lord, than new life is released.  We talked a lot of the seed that is buried in the ground.  It is in a dark and lonely place.  If and when we refuse to shed that outer shell of self, it is then that no one can get close to us; no one can penetrate or enter into our life.  Just as pride keeps us from our Maker - because it repulses Him - so it is with pride in keeping us from getting close to others or those with us.  (And, I thought it was all a personality thing.   Uhmmm.)
  • In our brokenness there will be deeper love and deeper worship towards our Saviour.  We will understand living out the term "to worship the Lord with a reckless abandonment".
  • There will be a resolve and a desire; an able-ness to be used by God in a much greater way.
  • With brokenness comes the blessing of "Rivers of Revival" - Andrew Murray said it well, when he said, "Just as water ever seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds you abased and empty, His glory and power flow in."   Our growth only will encourage more growth from those around us.
One of the things us ladies talked about was a picture of a desert flower.  Yes! even in the driest of deserts - our God is a personal God and He wills "desert flowers" to grow in the most unassumingly, unusual, unnatural of places; the place where hope feels void and barren - he reaches down and touches us - what a beautiful thing.  It's only in our brokenness that we can see it as that; appreciate it as that and demonstrate that grace in those moments - to others.  We can be that one desert flower... to so many.


So, were meeting this morning for the final chapter of this book...Brokenness by Nancy Leigh De Moss... and I'm looking forward to coming back here next week to fill you in on what we discussed today.  The journey into brokenness.  Stay tuned.

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