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Monday, December 27, 2010

Brokenness | Review of Chapter Six

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~ Journey into Brokenness

Here it is.  The final chapter of the book.  It's hard to believe that the six weeks of meeting together, as ladies, to study this topic, has gone by so quickly... and yet it has.

I would have to say that this final chapter was the most meaningful to me on a personal level.  Albeit to say - I was not feeling all that well and felt like I couldn't participate like I wanted to, in the discussion... and when I did try to speak - I simply dissolved into a blubbering mess.  ((sigh))

I thank God for a wonderful group of ladies, who loved graciously anyway and encouraged me as we went along.  I also want to say here (real quick) that Jane did a fabulous job of leading out the discussion, facilitating the meeting in her home and allowing "the multitude" of children to "reek havoc" on her basement ... each and every week.  She did it so humbly and quite effortlessly.  Thank you, Jane!

So, why was this chapter so personally penned for me?

I felt like I could really relate to the journey this chapter encouraged.  I felt the pings of conviction that meant I needed to be more intentional in choosing this path of brokenness.  Three things were mentioned, in this chapter, that God chooses to use in leading us on this journey.  The Word of God, Circumstances, and Other Believers. 

As, the ladies in the group, we went around the room and shared one way how this book and namely this series/ discussion on Brokenness impacted us... what a "lifestyle of brokenness" might look like practically or how would it get played out in our lives on a regular basis? 
I shared that for me, being a stay-at-home-mom is my one area of where the reality of this topic hits home for me.

I also shared -a comparison- on how I've been talking with and attempting to teach a friend of mine how to drive a stick shift/manual car.  And, that when I share with her the "how to's" and the "what to and what not to do" and the "give your self some slack and encouragement - instead of being so hard on yourself all of the time" lectures... I hear the very same message in my own ears - for myself - in the aspect of mothering.

It's hard and I can't do it.  No! I can't do it - without the help of the Lord.   But, stay tuned.  I want to go deeper with this topic another time.  Just bear with me, as I take the time to gather those thoughts...

In conclusion.  I wanted to share a paragraph out of the book (p. 125), a few more thoughts of my own and then follow that up with a quote by John Bunyan.

"In the days ahead, you will face many opportunities to choose the pathway of brokenness, each created by our Sovereign Lord who also promises that His grace is sufficient for anything and everything He requires of us.  Never forget that what God commands you to do, He will also enable you to do."
So, can I honestly say that I have been truly broken before God?  I would have to answer that, with this:  I feel I am more aware of brokenness happening.  The battle is certainly real.  I want to continue to pray for a softened heart... a choosing of brokenness by reading God's Word (which is like a hammer -Jeremiah 23:29)...by continuing to live with the roof off and the walls down - living with a transparency and an honesty with others.

"For as to have a broken heart,
is to have an excellent thing,
so to keep this broken heart tender,
is also very advantageous."
~ John Bunyan



  1. Another great post...I'm speechless...and loving the things you are sharing on this study.

  2. Bevy.... thank you so much for providing these recaps each week. It has been a blessing to have these as a gentle reminder of what the Lord is doing in our lives. I can only hope (speaking for my self)that this study "stirs" and "reminds" me each time I "fail" in the areas that we discussed. I don't know about you, but I am finding I'm quicker to "notice" which areas I need to be more broken in. Thanks again for your willingness to share your heart and your struggles with all of us! You are a blessing my friend! Laura (suermann)

  3. I have missed me some blogging these past couple of days. It was refreshing to come today and read this post. What God commands us to do he enables us to do. This is something I have to remind myself of constantly. I remember somewhere in the beginning of you writing about these chapters that you had debated on meeting together with these ladies for this study. In the weeks that I have been reading this it seems that you have been blessed and in return my friend you have been a blessing to me.


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