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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Celebrate our gifts & talents

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I know it's the first day of December - and I should be thinking all things wintry and snowy and cold and blustery and yet...those things aren't truly happening in our necks of the woods right now and so I had to sneak this photo in. 

I told you I can't get out of my own way for all these FALL photos...and even the tweaked ones, like this one.  Oh, how I'm lovin' this...

I love being an artist.  Is that okay to say?  I'm going to answer my own question and say...Sure, it is!!

There is just something in me that just has to "come out" and this is simply one of those things.  It's one of those moments where I wish I would have taken the time (more in depth) to go through an intensive art class of sorts or something, when I was younger.  Not, that I still couldn't. 

I should.

Art comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. 

Most obvious through the lens of photography, painting, sculpting
Sometimes it's through mixed media
Sometimes through the pen and paper
Sometimes through song lyrics and a tune
Sometimes through the kitchen - by what comes out of it
Sometimes through the needle and thread
Sometimes through the ebb and flow of words, conversation and body-language
Sometimes it's at that hand of a toddler (I need to remember this!)
Sometimes in the household decorating
Sometimes through the wardrobe, lifestyle and design
Sometimes it's through the simple, ordinary day-to-day

Sometimes we have to look for it... and other times it just shows its lovely face like there is no tomorrow.   Sometimes we honestly do have to make it happen.

Usually, it's right there ~ naturally.  What may be an art form to one may be "the trashiest idea" out there to another.  It's been known to happen.

It's okay. 

I think we need to celebrate our gifts & talents, the way God intended;  Share them - Use them - Incorporate them - into our daily life and routines on a regular basis.   Not to be in a boastful, prideful way about it -but to truly celebrate it by living it.  Make sense?

This is where creativity truly comes in.  Many folks don't think they have it in them to try their hand at something creative; to deliver something unique and personal; to imagine.  Of course, it will come more naturally for some then others, but go ahead, read over my list (above), one more time, and see if there isn't one way you could hone-in on your gifts and talents. 

Can you think of other ways art form comes to life in you and through you??

Just trying to inspire you today!


  1. This was good, Bevy. Too often we think of art and creativity as only a certain way. I know growing up, I didn't think I was artistic at all because the people I was around defined artistic as being able to draw well and I couldn't do that.

    I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I believe that almost everyone has the capacity to be creative in some area. It's just finding what that area is and not limiting ourselves to our preconceived ideas of what creativity is. Also, creativity begets more creativity. The more we use our creative muscle, so to speak, the stronger it becomes and the ideas will flow more freely. I know that's the way it works for me.

    Our God is a creative God and it pleases Him to see His children operating in the gifts and talents that He has given us.

    I like to make things-- whether sewing or cooking or crafting. These are all creative outlets for me. Especially using thrifted or repurposed items, except for cooking-I like to use new ingredients for that, unless utilizing leftovers! hahaha

  2. I've been feelin' pretty crafty with the crocheting lately! I just finished a garland to string across my hoosier cabinet.

  3. I think you've summed it up pretty well!
    I would consider us all to be artist.



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