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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ho-yeah it snowed...

 . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. .

Well, I dreamt about it... but we never actually get our White Christmas, around our area.  The day after - however, was snowy, white and beautiful.

Snowflakes really started flying around 4 o'clock in the afternoon - on Sunday.  Twelve inches later and heavy, powerful (up to 40 mph) winds created quite the scene - into Monday morning.  The drifts were piling themselves high in every corner they could find around the property.

It felt great being cozy, warm inside - with no place to go.  All we heard from Mr. Caleb was him begging to go outside. 

Later, Monday morning, my sister Gladys, who was spending a few days with us over Christmas - volunteered to take the little ones outside for some serious snow fun.  They all looked like little snow bunnies....covered head to toe in frosty, sticky white. 

I wish I could find the camera battery charger. My battery is dead.  I have no idea where the charger is... therefore I have no pictures of my Lil peeps in the first BIG snow of the season.  Ugh!!!!


You can be sure I was enjoying one or two of these things - while they were all outside. :) 


*photo taken previously to the snowstorm.

Here is the recipe - if you would like.  This recipe came from Gooseberry Patch's Coming Home cookbook.

12 oz. white chocolate chips
1/4 cup. heavy cream
2 T. bourbon or heavy cream
6-oz. pkg. slivered almonds, very finely ground
1 1/2 cup. sweetened flaked coconut

Place chocolate chips and cream in a medium bowl set over a pan of hot (not boiling) water; stir until melted and smooth.  Stir in bourbon or cream and almonds.  Spread in a lightly greased 8x8 pan.  Chill for about one hour, until firm.  Cut into 1" squares; roll each square into a ball, then roll in coconut.  Keep chilled.  Makes about 5 dozen.


: : So, if you got any snow - how did you enjoy??

BREAKING NEWS: : UPDATE... the camera Battery Charger has been relocated.   All photography will resume, in time.  Thank you, Lord!!


  1. I love that kids love snow so much but I would have been inside with you sipping coffee and watching you bake.

  2. YEAH! I really should live somewhere a little colder because I am in love with SNOW! Ours is melting:( we are supposed to get temps near 60 this weekend.. We LOVE to go hit the hills with the sleigh. Taking a nature walk and taking photos is fun too.

  3. Loosing your battery charger is frustrating. But your words created a nice picture.

    No snow here in the Pacific Northwest, just rain.

  4. Yeah!!! So glad you got some snow...and quite a lot it sounds like!

  5. So glad your kids could have some fun in the snow!
    Thanks for the snowball recipe. They look delicious!!
    Happy New Year! ♥

  6. That looks like the kind of snow I would enjoy! Actually, we woke up today to huge, gorgeous thick flakes coming down, but in typically PNW fashion, melted as soon as they touched the ground.

  7. Glad you got your snow! It makes everything so pretty and magical. As far as the HoHo Snowballs....coconut is my weakness, or one of them anyway. Those look divine!
    Glad you found your battery....do you still have snow to photograph your snowbunnies in?


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