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Thursday, December 2, 2010


No, this isn't Scott trying to change up his format of "hello"... it is actually me writing today, for him, because as we all know, the 2nd of the month comes around at the same time as it does every other month, except this time he just ran out of time and so I'm actually covering for him.

So, instead of Howdy!  it's Howdee!  (the "feminine" version?)  That was Scott's idea, by the way.

In case some of you new folk, to Treasured Up and Pondered, are a bit confused.  This is the day - the second of every month - where my husband Scott likes to throw in his "two-cents" on past posts, etc.;  "defending himself" ;) or encouraging new thoughts and ideas.  Mostly it's life from Scott's perspective.  Therefore, that is why these posts get dubbed "Scott's Second Sayings".  

Thanks for joining us today.

As a matter of fact... since this is me writing and not my better half... I get to dish on him.  No!  Only the good stuff...in fact, I'll probably be more of the serving then he will be. 

You may recall in his post,  from last month, he talked a bit about deer hunting.  Well, Scott took off of work for Buck Monday (a national holiday for some people) and got himself a nice doe. 
You may recall our self-acclaimed "redneck brother-in-law", Johnny Boy, got himself a nice 8 pt. buck.  The excitement just oozed off that mountainside... I could "sense" it all the way down here, at home. ;)

We're all glad to have some venison for the freezer. 

Switching gears here for a minute...

Somewhere in between today and last month's posting... another "redneck sort" of buddy friend, of Scott's, helped him to turn in his run-of-the-mill car into a race car of sorts.  I laugh as I write that.... because I'm probably about to paint the worst picture of this and then Scott will have to write a post today (at some point) to clarify what I'm talking about. 

Yeah, the ignition went out on his car and so... because their both car mechanic fanatics and race car enthusiasts they decided to rig up a new way of starting his car using switches.  Three to be exact... that pretty much need to be flipped, in the right order or sequence in order for it to start properly.   All in the name of fun... and nostalgia... and because boys toys just get more fun (and for argument sake, really NOT that expensive - at least in this case).

Back to deer hunting... 

I thought I'd better clear the air with my own admission to the fact that I always wanted a man who would like to go deer hunting.  It was one of the things on my "list" for a man in my future.

I thought I would always like to go deer hunting, too.  I know I just shocked a lot of you right out of your seats.  But, that's okay.  I haven't ever done it... EXCEPT... that I have gone along for a "drive" or a "walk".  Those words deserve definitions but I don't have time right now... nor the lingo for it.  And, as a matter of fact, I did learn one thing (or two) from that drive or walk - whatever you want to call it.  Number one:  Don't walk the woods with a cell phone on, in your pocket - because if it rings (which it did) -you're tempted to answer it - which then it pretty much scares the wood folk wide- awake.  Which I don't really get this issue about it, because isn't that what we were "trying" to do while walking through the woods - in order to scare up a deer or two??

Number two:  You'll get "laughed at" by said hubby and redneck brother-in-law for years to follow, as if it was the silliest thing that ever happened, known to man.  Do you really think the deer care?

As of this past Thanksgiving Day - I had never shot a gun before.  Well, that all changed.  You see, I have a wonderful man who likes the idea that I've shown faint interest in his world (in this regard) and who wanted to be sure that I had an opportunity to learn a little bit, from him, in how to shoot a gun.

Warning:  These photos are the scariest thing you ever did see.   And, so was the weather... beautiful with the snow, but by the time we went out to do all of this it was raining, sleeting and windy cold. 

Here the guys are discussing - whatever??

This photo isn't so scary -but he's asking me if I'm ready to go...

uhmmm, sure.

Here he's showing me how it's done...

And this where I learned a lot about how a gun works, etc.  All the while, I'm  F*R*E*E*Z*I*N*G to death out there.  I did take a shot or several... with two different types of guns... (couldn't tell you what was what anymore) and I looked scary.  I told you.... number one... I wasn't dressed to do this.  I was going to make a bad pun by saying I was "dressed to kill" but not dressed to shoot.  But, I won't say that.

I was wearing this long skirt - which the hem got thoroughly soaked, from the tall-ish grass.  I also had to borrow better socks from my sister and wear my brother-in-laws sneakers...  I was nothing but drenched till it was all said and done. 

Here we are checking out my shot placements... and although I didn't exactly hit the bulls-eye, I did stay on target (the paper) and pretty much stayed within the cross hairs - somewhere on those black lines.  The bulls-eye would be dead center of that  +  marking.

Anyhoo...  I just thought you might like to get into Scott's world via me and by my version of the story. 

And, now - almost a week later.  I am sick with a bad, bad head cold.  But, that's okay.  I can say I went out with a BANG!!!


  1. Way to go, Bevy!

    I grew up in a hunting family and married a hunter. I went once. We lived in ND at the time, on a farm in the country, and you could hunt on your own land with a license. We got up early before church, went out stalking our prey in the shelterbelt. My famous, "Look, there's a dog," line is still being laughed at, because it was a small spike buck. OK, I thought they would be way bigger! So, it was gutted and hanging in the garage before we had to wake the kids for church.

  2. Interesting experiences. I shot a 22 rifle in high school. Totally terrified and I'm not into guns or hunting at all. Glad you enjoyed the experience.

  3. You did a fine job filling in for Scott. I know he will be proud. A big high five to you for going on this adventure!
    Such a fun and cute post.

    We have all been sick here for the last week and i tell you, im sick of being sick!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Yep, I know exactly what your talkin' about. I've ventured out and done some shooting with my husband before, too!


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