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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prepare Him Room

. .. . . . .. .. . . . . .
Joy to the world, the Lord has come. 
Let earth receive her king. 
Let every heart
prepare Him room
and heaven and nature sing...
~ Isaac Watts

Sometimes the shadows of our heart will darken this picture of Christ's birth in our minds. 

There was no room left... not in the inn that cold, dark night and not in our (often so-called cold, and dark) hearts.

How do we prepare Him room?  What does it mean to prepare?   It means to make ready.

((This is something I've been thinking about for awhile now and I have no idea if I'll make any sense till it's all said and done, but it's worth a try.)) 


As Mary and Joseph entered the city of Bethlehem that cold, dark winter's night... I imagine this is what they encountered - busy streets, chaos & clutter, distressing noises of loud shouting, bartering and jest - sounds of rudeness, and most likely - hostility.  Of course there was no room... the selfish clamouring for "the perfect place" was happening all around them...why expect anything different?  Yet, they must...

As the time was nearing...Joseph knocked.  The door opened, and yes! there was a place prepared for them.  A place so unexpected, incomprehensible, but pleasant (as pleasant as stables can be, I guess), "smelly" but warm.  At best, it was comfortable - laid out fresh with clean, dry straw.  The cattle were lowing, all around - making quite the welcome.  A cozy place of peace and stillness, for sure.

It was as if God himself had prepared Himself room, in that stable, that night. 

Most likely it was the Innkeeper or his stable-hand that "made ready" the room - but there was certainly a prompting to do so, at one point.   But, who did that prompting?  I like to believe that God was stirring that Innkeeper's heart, that night, to receive them.

IF our hearts are like that so-called picture of the city of Bethlehem - with all of the chaos, darkness and hostility.... and the door of our hearts receives a knock on it, but... we're willing to open up the door... to receive Him in... then who prepared Him room?

Apart from God reviving our hearts - we are dead (not alive!).  When with Christ's coming, to this earth, as a baby, remains only a nice (mere) picture - and we forget the parallel of our hearts likened to that "city of Bethlehem" and we constantly dwell in the shadows... not aware of the light, then we need a Saviour.

You see, it is only because of His great love for us... the breath of Heaven breathed into us... that we can know it is God Himself who has made ready our hearts to willingly allow Him to enter, as Emmanuel, which means - God with us.  He wants to live in our hearts.  Forever!

He makes a REAL difference, my friend.  We can't comprehend the radicalness of a changed perspective, can we?   The seedbed of our hearts; a prepared room, what once was, in all aspects, ugliness, now made pure and holy - a birthplace - redeemed and alive, full of HOPE.   

It brings nothing but JOY...to the world! 

I had to ask myself this question:  Is my heart too full for Him or so full of Him?  .What about yours?


  1. Oh sweetie this was just a wonderful read. Yes, what a question to ponder. I don't know how people ever live without their heart full of Jesus.

    I totally enjoyed this timely post.

    Have a truly blessed day sweetie!!!

  2. Beautiful post, Bevy! We are focusing on filling our hearts with Jesus over here, also!


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