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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Special Orders that were placed for Christmas - that now I can show ya'll.

. . . . .. . . .. . . . . . ..
Here's a Bags by Bevy update!

~Classic Christmas~
Gift given to my Mother for Christmas

~ Oh, what fun! ~
Sold to Karen K.

~So Near and Dear~
Sold to Deb C.
Gift given to Julia H.

There is a GREAT story with this last bag that I will be posting about later this week.  Stay tuned.

Thank you so much for giving me have a wonderful year with your sales, your encouragement and your support.
Due to the wonderful bag orders placed over Christmas (meaning these bags above) and the few that were already in my etsy shop, which obviously sold!, I now have no bags left in my shop.  

~Chenille Cottage~

I am so excited to get busy again.  I recently picked up some more upholstery samples for another great season ahead.  A great gift in buttons have also come my way, too... so, I'm good to go.  Lord Willing!

One thing that has been added, for your availability, is Gift Certificates.  Let me know if your interested in purchasing a gift certificate for all of your future gift-giving needs.

And, don't forget to keep checking in on my etsy shop to see if and when things are added in stock.


  1. So happy that you did so well over Christmas! Your bags are beautiful~as always:) I have meant to tell you that I use my little bag for my devotional book. The inside of the bag is so soft and it protects it so well. I love the buttons on your bags, they give them such a unique look.

  2. Yah!!! So happy for you my friend!

  3. So happy that all your delightful bags sold. You are so talented! I had so much fun sewing again this year, I am starting some projects for my grandkids.


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