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Thursday, December 30, 2010

a story | So Near and Dear...

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Here is the blog-worthy story that I told you I would share, the other day.

My friend Deb told me, one day, that she would like to order a bag for a mutual friend of ours, named Julia.  I asked her to come on over one evening - whenever it would suit - to look through the bins of fabric upholstery samples that I have around here, to see if there would be anything she thought Julia would like.

She lovingly took her time - all intent to find the perfect fabric combo.

~So Near and Dear~
Sold to Deb for Julia.

At one point, while Deb was here - the telephone rang.  I am so glad that she was upstairs and I was down (tending to the little ones - or something) because I know myself... I just KNOW I would've said, while looking at the caller ID, "Oh, Deb.  It's your husband!" 
Here her husband, Charlie, (who rarely - more like never) calls us, says to me;  "Hey, is Deb around?  I pause, "uhmmm, yes?!"  "Well...I don't want to talk to her.  Rather I would like to get her a bag for Christmas  - so pay attention to what fabric she would like or bag or whatever...etc".   I think he got a little nervous too - because he hurried off the phone with no contact info. or a good time to reach him. 

I was so shocked and so surprised. 

Go Charlie!

Gaining composure for myself, I wander back upstairs - not sure how I was going to go about finding out about Deb's preferences.  She let on good enough on her own of what she liked.  And... I kept my mouth shut.  She finally decided on the fabric that she liked, for Julia's bag, and I resorted to finishing up the bag.  I could not wait for Christmas!

In the meantime.  I waited a couple of days - not sure if Charlie would be calling me back or what.  The following Monday - I got a call for 5 bags (sales!) and one order placed.  My etsy shop was waning fast.  I decided I needed to figure out how to reach Charlie and to call him back and let him know that the one bag that Deb was really eyeing up was still left and that if he was interested he'd better "come and get it".

~Like you a Latte~
Sold! to Charlie for Deb.

He did.  The next day.  I think it was before work - so like around 8:30 AM he shows up.  He was so excited to do this for his lovely wife.  I think he told me that she would never look in his tool-box and that's where he planned to hide it. ;)  He was SOOOO excited... I wish I could explain the joy he had in doing this.

I could NOT wait to hear about Deb's own surprise come Christmas Day.

And... wow! was she ever just as excited. 

The Sunday after Christmas was so fun...I love when someone, like Deb, is and was so truly excited about her gift, both to our mutual friend and than what her husband gave her for a gift - something that she wanted, too.

Just the fact that I could be a part of making their Christmas' so special, really meant a lot to me.
I loved playing a part of the story...


  1. It says a lot about you....
    One, that your bags are well worth it.
    Two, that Charlie appreciated your taste.
    Three, that he could depend on you.
    Great attributes Bevy!

  2. What a wonderful story! So glad you shared it with us!

  3. Great story! Way to go, Charlie. Deb's bag is soooo beautiful!

  4. What a great story! You did a beautiful job on Deb's bag. Congratulations on the sales!
    Happy New Year! ♥


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