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Thursday, January 20, 2011

a bittersweet moment in time

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Oftime shadows will hide beautiful things.
Other times {they} come out of hiding to create their own beauty.
(yours truly)


Please remember my Aunt Mary and the three children (Sarah, Reuben and Phillip)
 in your thoughts and prayers, as we walk with them through this season of change in their lives.


Just as this life-changing event seems like dark, dismal shadows, to us, and the questions loom large of WHY?, mixed with fears of the unknown.
We can see the beauty in and of the shadow - the Lord's Mercy - to call Roy home and free him of all his earthly pain and suffering.  
Scriptures assure us, that our Heavenly Father will never leave us, nor forsake us...  that our hope and comfort is found in Him; Christ eternal; Christ alone.

 Awaiting us, we have a Heavenly Home - not made with (human) hands.  And, one day the shadows of this life will be NO MORE - for God Himself is the light and in him there is no darkness!

It truly is a bittersweet moment in time.


  1. Praying for you and your family today. It's reassuring to know that you will all be reunited with your Uncle Roy someday~~forever!! Sending you a hug and love.

  2. We know the Lord tells us that it is precious in His sight to welcome one of His loved ones home. At the same time, His filled longings to be with His blood-bought saints leaves such empty hearts and arms on earth. Praying for you and your dear family, sister. May the Lord use you in their lives to ease their sorrow and pain with faith and hope.

  3. Oh, dear sweet friend! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I love you! ♥


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