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Monday, January 10, 2011

"I wanna go outside"

. .. . . .. . . .,.. . ..  . . . . ...

All last week, the snow, from the last storm had been melting away.  Remember the one- our first BIG SNOW, of the season - without pictures?

Our Caleb would look longingly out the window with his big whining voice, and say, "our snow is melting away.... bring it back!".  To which I replied... "No worries.  It'll be back."

Sure enough.  Last Friday began another snow storm.  Three inches later... and all, we heard was "I wanna go outside."

There was nothing but running and leaping and Praising the Lord, coming from our three and two year old, as we began the P*R*O*C*E*S*S* of bundling up... and getting ourselves out the door.

Oh Joy!!!  Let's make snow angels - since that is what we are.... right, "Taleb"?

Nicely done, Caleb!!  Your Aunt Gladys taught you well.

Aubrey, continues to taste a bit of Heaven, herself... after all, the joy is overwhelming.

Moving onto the porch, she pulled out the umbrella stroller and sat down...

as she by now has plumb worn herself out.

But.  "Maybe if someone will pull me around on this thing... I'll renew some of my energy." 

Can't you just hear the begging?

After, I pulled them, both, around the yard for awhile - now I (Momma) was pooped - so, Caleb took a shot at it. 

 After which, and granted it was a small hill, they took to sledding on their backsides down the slopes.

Here's me... "I wanna go inside." 

And if you thought I meant the process to go outside was a big deal... getting them to come back in can be just as much.  Unless, they're really cold.

No really... while it was great to have some fresh air... and some of their energy exhausted...it was nice to come back inside and round out the afternoon with another cup of hot coffee. ;) 

I needed it. 


  1. Photos of children frolicing are just the best ever. Great scarfs - did you make them?

  2. Awesome pictures!! And three cheers for coffee!! :) That is the perfect rounding out to a snow time - although my kids insist it is hot chocolate, and we compromise on Dunkachinos..... :) What fun!

  3. The worst part of it all is getting them ready to go outside. If only it could be like summertime when they just head out the door with no coats, hats, gloves, suits, boots...etc.

    Great photos.

  4. Love the pictures! And now to get ready for MORE snow... :)

  5. OH, Bev! Those pictures are great!
    We've a BUNCH of snow today. 7 inches at our house. Wasn't expecting it so we're out of
    M I L K! AGH! Tempted to go to the field and see if the cows are friendly or not but I think they're all males :*(

    LOVE that pic of Aubrey in the stroller. I feel tired just looking at her!

    LOVE you all,

  6. Oh, I know!!!! I'm so glad my children are big enough that with just minor help getting dressed, they can go out all by THEMSELVES and this momma can keep her poor circulated toes warm in her slippers!

  7. Hey there Bev
    I have been meaning to either leave a comment on FB or here ... finally made it here!
    I wish our snow came with a bit milder weather, but -5* just seems a bit extreme to let the kids go play in. But it is so great seeing those little snow angels!
    The Christmas card I sent you wsa returned. Apearantly I don't have the correct address. Do you still want me to send it? If so send me a mssg and I will get it out to you!
    Guess we will be seeing you end of the summer ... the kids are so excited. Don't know who's idea it was to tell them we are going to see cousins!
    Chat with you later~ Sarah


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