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Monday, January 24, 2011

the most random of posts

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Good Morning, dear friends!!

Welcome to the most random of posts - evah.  At least, in awhile.

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your loving thoughts and prayers, over this past week,  for us; our extended family; and in particular, my Aunt Mary and her three children - Sarah, Reuben, and Phillip, as we entered a long week of loss and grieving with my uncle's passing.

The Lord, is so amazing in his giving of grace.  We (all) felt his hand extended...with comfort and peace.

Please - continue to remember the family in your thoughts and prayers - as this is when it gets H A R D.  When everyone is gone...and the days and nights fill with loneliness and concern for the future and its unknowns.

I can so relate to these moments, with my own Dad's passing (nearly 15 years ago) when everything was over and everyone known to us went on in their usual way with their usual life happenings and activities... it was the roughest road to walk.  It felt like no one else cared or even remembered. (I'm sure that isn't true.)
How can one thing (event) be so raw for some and a distant memory to other's?

Second.  Here comes the random...

We were making pizza Saturday evening for dinner... and wouldn't you know?  We forgot - completely -

that we had been invited to another pizza party.  I think theirs would've been much better, even though I think mine is not too shabby.  I still cannot believe we forgot all about it.  It was while making our pizza that we remembered the invitation.

Although, I will say that my hubby is making himself a really mean side-kick in the kitchen when it comes to making pizza.  This is from a man who swears he can't cook and can burn water - proven, with witnesses.

It's serious.

It's like an art-form.

It's about as serious as the making of a Scott-dog!

Thirdly.  Here is for more random...

So, are you ready for more snow?  In a way - I am...  they say it's coming!  More on the way- for this week.

I was blessed beyond belief, last Monday, when my brother had MLK day off ,of work.  He called and said he wanted to take the little ones sledding on the hill, over by the farm - where we used to live. 
They were gone for more then two hours... allowing me to sew and finish this bag up.

~ Enchanted Forest~

Only for them to come home COLD and smelling like snowmobiles... yup!  My little ones each had their first snowmobile ride and I wasn't there to get their pictures. 

Oh, the memories made...

And, if this isn't the most random thought - evah....

Can I just tell how much I  L*O*V*E  Fig Newtons, paired with cup of coffee- right now? 

Simply Delectable.


  1. Love those random posts. I saw your new bags on Etsy, they are just lovely. Its so nice to get a couple hours of mama time:)

  2. Keeping your family in our prayers. With God's strength and the feeling of prayers being felt, it's the only thing that's gotten us through this past year. By the way, we thought of your family and their needs often, losing your dad when you and your siblings where so young. I can only imagine, God's grace and strength got you all through it. I am also so glad you used the word "raw". It's my new word I use. Things are so real and not even my closest family could understand exactly how I feel. It made the past few months/year challenging, to say the least. Thanks for sharing and keep on feeling those prayers we are sending your way.

  3. Love the randomness! It made me smile! I'll keep your aunt and cousins in my prayers.

  4. Making those pizzas looks like such a fun family event. A great way to get the kids to help with dinner!

  5. We were sorry to miss you at the pizza party...but looks like you had a lot of fun at your own!!!
    Have a great week and thanks for all the inspiring and encouraging posts. I look forward to them!!!

    Laura S.


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