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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Aunt was literally ministering to me...

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In keeping with yesterday's post... a bit more... I want to share an experience from yesterday, and a real prayer request. 

The words of the piece from yesterday (Ministry is...) really challenged me in a personal way, when I knew all week long that I needed to give my Aunt Mary (and Uncle Roy) a call.  I had been dreading it, for selfish reasons, knowing that I'd probably not know what to say; be a blubbering mess; and not make any sense if I did speak. 

But, I know knew time is short and I needed to just do it.  So, racking up nerve... I called.

Of course I was the expected...my blubbering self and tearful niece, trying my best to be encouraging and hope-full.

My Uncle Roy is in his last days - at home (his heart's desire)... dying of Leukemia.  They were told there is nothing further, "they" can do. 

**Here is a family photo, taken back in '08. 

When I called today... my Aunt was literally ministering to me.  She was so full of the JOY of the Lord, at peace and yes, though she cried some tears... her voice was strong, recounting God's faithfulness and the HOPE they have in their hearts.  That Hope of Heaven, our eternal Home.  And speaking of Scriptures that are carrying them through - the promises of God

I was so blessed and so glad I called...

Uncle Roy, knows this is the end of his days here on earth... but without Christ there would be no hope of ever seeing him again.  We have that hope!  We know there will come a day when we ALL will see Jesus, face to face, and that this life, here, is just temporary.  Uncle Roy is most likely just a few steps ahead of us... for none of us know our day or moment.

This photo was taken just last summer, I believe.

Uncle Roy is only 52.  You see the young family he will be leaving behind.  And ... we have some really G R E A T memories of this man in our lives.... we would like to make more.

Both his father and his brother (father of five), died young, with Cancer.  Another brother drowned in a boating accident.
My dad (brother to my Aunt) passed away, unexpectedly, at the young age 43 (nine kids still at home). 
On the same side of the family, my cousin's husband (father of four, with one on the way) was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, at a very young age.

All of these men were in the carpentry field - in some form or fashion... I know this may sound or is rather silly... but I like to think, sometimes, that God is using them to "help prepare our mansions".  It's just a comfort to know... that we have a Heavenly Home awaiting us, and there is peace - forever more. 

Here are a couple of "good memories" photos to share with you....

So, if you think of these young guys... Reuben and Phillip, pray for them.  I wish I could find a better picture of their older sister - Sarah, but please pray for her too. These are not easy days for them to go through.  And there will certainly be rough waters ahead...

My Aunt said this certainly is pulling them closer together as a family and they truly do feel the love and prayers from so many. 

Continue to pray for a miracle....

would you join us, please? 


  1. heart achy Bevy. God bless you for sharing this...praying for them now......

  2. Your post is very thoughtful. I will pray for you during this difficult time.

  3. So sorry to hear about your uncle Roy. So young! I think of my dad. He had a heart attack when he was 52, and am so thankful he is still here. Will pray for their family.

  4. Is this Danielle's Uncle? I didn't know you were related. Is this her mother's brother? Is his wife your Father's sister? If this is correct then I guess you aren't really related. I'm trying to figure all this out. I know Danielle was very upset about him. So sad for a family to go through so much! Praying for them!

  5. Faith...it is so strong in your post.
    Love...just ozzes from your words.
    Blessed are you and your family.

    Prayers are being sent up.

  6. Beautiful and convicting Bevy!! Thank you for sharing about your family. We will be keeping them in prayer.

  7. Hi, Bevy~
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle Roy. I will be praying.

  8. Thanks for sharing your concerns. Tough to read this morning. Important to share so others can pray and support you. Thanks for sharing. Writing the request down, for prayer. You are on my daily/sometimes/bi-daily prayer list, depending on the number of requests per day. :-)

  9. Oh, Bevy, I am so sorry! I will be praying for your Aunt, her family and yours also.


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