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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weathered Priorities!

. .. . .. .. . ... . . .. . .. .. .. .

Red in the Morning,
Sailor's warning.
Red at Night,
Sailor's delight.
                ~ unknown

Read HERE for another and more interesting versions to this little adage.

Every time I see a beautiful sunrise (or sunset) - I think of that little rhyme, {above}.  I believe these photos were taken, last week, one morning, prior to our latest snowstorm.

You can tell within minutes of taking each photo - the skies were getting lighter and brighter!


While I was thinking of what to post for today - I came across this lovely little suggestion.  And, I kind of like it....

Listen very carefully to the weather report-
don't get caught in a big snowstorm
without sufficient fabric.
When heavy snow is forecast, shop for fabric first,
then get bread and milk, if you have time.

Of course, this holds special meaning to all who have a love of fabrics, and such, as much as I do.  And - as for today - I am well stocked.  Bring on the forecast - fair weather or foe.

Priorities!  Yes.  Priorities.  What do you think?


  1. I always think of that little rhyme too. My grandpa and then my mom always quoted it.

    Sounds like your priorities are in order.:-) We saw a little sign at the thrift store the other day(beside the bin of fabric, no less) that read "She who dies with the most fabric wins!" My husband got a kick out of that.:-)

    Here in the South, people tend to go into a bit of a panic at the first mention of a snow flurry. Everyone rushes out for bread and milk--literally, the shelves will be completely bare! I've never quite understood that but I do like to make sure we have plenty of tp in stock. hahaha

  2. Cute! I'm eager to see what you make next! I added you to my favorites on Etsy! Thanks for adding me! ♥

  3. I can hear wheels turning!!!!

    Looking forward to it!!!


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