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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Showing Partiality

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I just got home from a MOPS ladies Bible Study... not too long ago.

We were discussing the story of Rebekah, her husband, Isaac and their twin sons, Jacob (younger son) and Esau (older son).

I don't know if your fully familiar with the story found in Genesis, but there is a lot to learn from the lives of these two biblical characters - particularly Rebekah.
One thing that struck me was the love story between Rebekah and Isaac - only to have their marriage slowly take drift as they began to live out their years with their twin sons caught in the middle.

Partiality (showing favoritism) was rapidly taking over...

Isaac loved Esau.
Rebekah loved Jacob.

James 2:9 says, "If you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors."

: : What about if personalities click easier with one child over another?  What if one is more compliant then the other?  etc. 
Do you struggle in playing favorites with your kids?

What if God promised blessing to the younger rather then the older and you knew that?  That's what went down in Rebekah's story.  The problem was that she felt she needed to help God out with "His Plan".

Henceforth, came the deception, the cunning trickery, and ultimately the pain of separation and a continuation of partiality shown on into future generations, as we know of Jacob and his future father-in-law and two wives.

What we reap, we will sow.

: : Have you ever found yourself on the giving or the receiving end of partiality?   How has that impacted you or changed you? 


  1. (An only's view :-) ) Even being an only, I've never been a favorite. That would be nice. :-) I never was right. My mom got that, being a middle child too, dealing with her mom's favorite which was never her, either. So, I guess I was raised with the balance of an only child, and a middle child, (parents) a good matching quality. In our house, we are all first borns, (by how we were raised at least- Ralph had an older sister, never met) Chantel doesn't have to worry about that right now, and she's not always compliant. :-) I'm sure it's an issue for those with multiple kids.

  2. Really, my favorite child changes from day to day. Monday, I may like "S" the best because of her sweet attitude, Tuesday it might be "I" that is captivating my heart with her creative spirit. Wednesday may be my son who will just hug me for no reason and melt my heart. They all have periods of getting on my last nerve, too. I actually finding myself more lenient with my youngest *by a minute* because she is the baby and more strict with my boy because...he's the oldest! hehehe LOVE you!

  3. well said Bevy, and I love the sweet photo:)

  4. Great thoughts! I'm behind in my reading of your blog! Hoping to get all caught up tonight! :)

  5. I don't think I do. But I've noticed it in some friends of mine. It seems so obvious to me and yet they don't see it at all.

    So sorry to hear about your Uncle. That's heavy. Sending prayers your way.


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