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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simply Saturday (formerally known as Silently on Saturday)

...  .. . .. . .. . . .. ... . . .

Rather then continuing on with my current Saturday theme called Silently on Saturday... I've decided to join up (from here on out) with my sweet friend, Jenn, from A Country Girl's Ramblings - for her Simply Saturday Link-up Party, instead.

And, you can too!  See Jenn's blog for details...


The photos I take will still be only one photo with little or no words... just something from around our home over the course of the day - on Saturday.  It's not a very "clear, articulate" photo but the idea is clear enough - we're (all) climbing the walls around here!!

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Still snowing?! Love Miss Aubrey's look and her hair is really growing...So cute! Thanks for linking up and Yes, you did it just fine. You do know I was teasing you right? Love ya, friend! ♥

  2. She is a doll!
    We were climbing the walls up until this beautiful saturday.

    girl, it's 56 degrees here! I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but I just hung some clothes on the line and I think I might just be;)

    Have a Happy One!

  3. @ Jenn: Yes! It was snowing again today and we're expecting another HUGE storm - later this week.

    @ Amanda : You might get some of that storm, too. But, enjoy the washline for me... I'm "jealous". ;)

  4. What's the update on your leg ??!!


  5. Cute photo Bevy! She is a sweetie-pie. :)


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