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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the unexpected

. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . . . . .

It was 4:30 in the afternoon.  Yesterday.  I suddenly realized - wait - I'm sitting here in the Dr's office.  Scared. Alone. Unnerved.

I was here for me.

An unexpected turn of events had taken place and demanded that I pay attention.


Two mornings prior to this appointment - I woke up with the feeling of a Charlie Horse in my upper calf.  It wasn't really one - because usually they go away, pretty quickly.  I could tell the pain was pretty localized and that it looked like a vein in my leg was sticking out.  I went throughout the day - aware of it - but, in running errands and whatever...it was manageable. 

The next morning, which was yesterday morning, I got up to use the bathroom (early AM!) and could hardly walk.  I took a closer look, later that morning, and WHOA!!  My leg was swollen, and the redness of inflammation was a circle the size of a coffee mug and growing.  I know I have TED-type stockings somewhere - in a box - but where?  And, so in getting dressed for the day I put on regular support-ish nylons, (I hate them...) trying to give more support to my leg... and thought I'd wait it out.  Walking was painful.  Sitting was too.  The kids would bump it - I'd scream.  My clothes even hurt - rubbing up, against my leg.

I knew I needed to call and at least ask for advice. 
See!  Here's the thing... 

I'm not a nurse.  But.  I've worked in the medical field as a Nurse Assistant, for some time... and I play the role of "the nurse" very well - who, where often its the nurses who will make the worst patient.  No offense. We just do.
Any nurses, out there, care to admit and agree with me? 

The mind game kept reeling.  Yeah, but...

 I know there is a HUGE history of blood clots in my family tree.  What if...?

But.  I'm fine... it'll go away.  I'll just walk it off.   ((which probably helped more then I know))

Finally.  My gut feeling won over and I called Scott to let him know that I was planning to make a call to the Dr's ... just to get advice.  I don't want to worry, but what else can I or shouldn't do?  It was getting worse.

Imagine his surprise that I wanted to call- because he knows me, so well.

I left my information with the Secretary and within 10 minutes the nurse calls back with these words...

"The Dr. wants to see you immediately.  Can you get here within 15 minutes?"  -  the nurse seemed really serious.  "Uhmmm... yes!  Both of my kids are asleep on the floor downstairs... I'll need to find a sitter and I will do my best, I replied."  I called Scott - to let him know... changing clothes and talking on the phone and trying to keep myself from "breaking".

((This is where I cry tears in amazement at God's goodness to me- how everything came together so quickly.))

Currently at that moment... my next door neighbor (Amanda) was not at home.  I called my brother Joel to see if he could come over (fast but safely! I knew he was at home all day and he lives about 10 minutes.)  I realized it would take me all but 15 minutes to get to our doctor's office.  I thought I would have to call the Dr's back to say I would still try to get there but - I would be "really late".

To my surprise... as I'm downstairs W-A-I-T-I-N-G for my brother to show up ... I see that Amanda is home now.  I quick call her to ask if she wouldn't mind coming over to sit with the Little's until my brother got here.  She was quickly right over, with her little guy.  Amazing!

I left.

I called my brother (thank God for cell phones) to say that I was on my way and that Amanda was with the kids.  Except that he tells me that my mom had just walked in the door (from getting home from her work) and that she turned right around and was on her way over here. ;)

I immediately felt at peace... even thought I started to cry all over again while I talked to Scott some more and quickly "bucked up" for this appointment.  I was so glad I was doing this. 

Do you know that I got to that Dr's appointment in just over 15 minutes??

: : Long story short.  ;) : :

I have Phlebitis.  Which is just inflammation of the vein, in my leg.

I'm currently on antibiotics.  I need to elevate and use warm compresses and wear tight compression stockings (which I still can't locate).

I do have to go later today (around 3:00pm) for an ultrasound to make sure that it isn't really a deep vein Thrombosis.  (blood clot)

I share all of this - so you can be praying.  And, I hope the weather is favorable, which doesn't appear to be favorable at this moment.  Scott will plan to be home early today to either stay with the children or go with me.

I know I sound all dramatic and wussy, in my story... but... do you get my heart's gratitude for the faithfulness of God to meet my needs of provision?  I mean the timing... of Amanda coming home when she did (her willingness), followed by my Mother's willingness to come over - immediately after a long day. 

I love my mom.  She is just such a blessing and has such a servant heart and mind-set.  She helped get dinner together and clean up the kitchen, afterwards.  As tired as she was from her long day... there was no complaint or question.  She obviously needed to keep my little ones "calmed down", too, as they didn't know where mommy was... or why?

There is more to this story than I ready to share right now...but... now you know where and what I was doing at 4:30- 5:00 yesterday afternoon in... the unexpected. 

: : What were you doing?  Any of life's unexpected-turn-of-events take place for you?  How about any of life's unexpected-blessings?


  1. My sweet Bevy, I am going to be praying for you today.

    Blessings, oh yes for me more than I can count.

    Keep me updated.

  2. Praying for you, how scary that must be. You are so very blessed to have family nearby. Mine is 3 hours away... I'm so glad everything worked out for you to get there.

  3. Praying for you, Bev! You know, you can always call me. I know that your kids don't know me (we could work on that!), but I could be there quickly in an emergency. I'm glad that Amanda came home and that your mom was available, too. Praying that the ultrasound doesn't show a clot and for pain relief and healing. Did you find your TEDs yet?

  4. Praying. My mom had a blood clot in her leg a couple years ago. Not fun.

  5. @ Denise - Thanks - yes! we should work on that. And, no. I did not find the TEDs yet (I think I know where they are- deep in storage)...however. I just now found the lost medication/antibiotic that I couldn't find all morning.

    PRAYER really works miracles...

    @ Jill: and to think we were considering moving almost 7hrs away - acouple of years ago.
    I am grateful that I have such wonderful family and friends nearby.

    @ Amanda and Mary Ann. Thanks for your thoughts & prayers - and yes! will keep you updated. thanks.

  6. Hi, Bevy~
    I will keep you in my prayers!! I'm sure that must have been scary for you.
    How blessed you are to have such good friends and family willing to help.
    Take care.♥

  7. Hi Bev...

    Will be praying that the ultrasound shows nothing more than what you already are being treated for. Anytime you need anything...I'm right up the street...so glad you got to the Docs in time and so encouraged to hear God's providence toward you in that situation!!! Hope you are able to venture out safely this afternoon...not quite what had been predicted..eh? But it is so beautiful to see the white covering the trees and ground. Love to you my friend...
    Laura S.

  8. Don't scare me like this!! :)

    Praying for quick healing, peace and maybe even a boring day or two for you and your family (and don't use those as an excuse to sew... :) ). Rejoicing in the ways God has already provided in this situation with the timing and family that was available to help. We could come and help, but you definitely would have been late.... :) Plus we would probably get talking, and then, well.... Let us know how the ultrasound goes. And TRY to rest Bev!!!!! This was much scarier than the fall off that roof you took.... :) :)

  9. Do take care of yourself and follow all the doctor's instructions. I'll be saying a prayer.

  10. I'm so thankful you didn't let it go! Sometimes it is easy for Moms to just look after everyone else and not themselves. I'm praying for healing, encouragement and strength.

  11. SO SORRY I missed reading this post yesterday. When I saw the post title for today, my heart leaped into my throat. I read the first two lines of Scott's post and then jumped to this one. I'm heading back to read his post.

    ALL this to say I love you, friend and wished I lived closer. But, I'm sending you love through this message tonight and I'm praying for you!


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