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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on Bevy

Hi all this is Scott writing, as Bevy rest on the couch at the moment. We just returned from the hospital, to which we received good/bad news.

So what one do you want first?

The Bad? OK...It is in fact a blood clot of the superficial vein.

The Good? By His grace it is below the knee. Here is how this works. The vein that delivers the blood through our legs is referred to as the interior vein. Once it reaches past the knee the vein splits off into the superficial veins. (That is the veins you see down your calf, ankle, etc.). The clot is in the superficial which they are confident will be removed over time with the help of the antibiotic, elevation, warm compresses and activity. They were very happy to see that our Primary Care Provider (PCP) had her on antibiotics already to keep it from turning into Cellulitis.

Had the clot been above the knee, where the interior and superficial(s) join then we would be on our way to most likely admitting Bevy into the hospital. The staff have "dotted-out" the current size of the redness and swelling, so we have a valid visual to compare against should the swelling or redness continue to grow some more.

They called for the PCP while at the hospital and knowing it could be some time to call back, we went home. Since then the PCP did call the hospital and left them a message too, and we currently wait on the PCP to call us for our next move.

Blessings: Yeah - BIG TIME! As I was able to leave work early today, and get home. The roads were amazingly clean (we are in a snow storm right now) and once I got home the hospital called us saying "we have cancellations, do you want to come in early? YES!!!!!  Till we left the hospital the snow had started up again.  Basically we were home before the original appointment was to take place.

Thanks to all for your loving thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.  We'll continue to keep you in the loop.



  1. Thank you for the update, Scott. I will continue to keep Bevy and your family in my prayers.

  2. Praying for you as usual. Sorry to hear that. I've had one in my lung before. I was on Coumadin, scary stuff and heprin, several times. Hate needles. :-(

  3. Thanks for the update, Scott. I was thinking about Bev and praying for her today. I'll keep you and the little ones in my prayers, too.

  4. Thanks for the update...I'll be praying!

  5. Thanks Scott. Our family will be on our knees.
    Love and hugs Bevy.

  6. Praying for her. Thanks for the update, Scott.

  7. MIke has had cellulitis several times..... NOT FUN!!

    Glad to hear that it is manageable! Will be praying for you all. So glad you were able to get home and be there Scott! Keep us posted.

  8. Oh, Bevy! I'm so sorry this has happened to you. My prayers will be with you...it sounds like you will be surrounded with lots of help and support. I wish I could bring your sweet family a casserole.

  9. Thanks for the update, Scott. Praying!

  10. Thanks for the update! It is good to hear that you see God working through all this, He is an amazing and wonderous God, don't lose your focus! May God continue to bless you guys and work in all this! *heart*

  11. thinking of you Bev! Love you! Need anything call me. Rachel A


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