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Thursday, January 6, 2011

When we see the City Lights

... . . . .. . . . . .. .

It's late - at night.  All are asleep, except your spouse at your side.  The lights of the night fly by and then....
there in the far-off distance you see them.  The city lights mean "you're almost home". 

That is if you live in the city....

But, you know what lights, you see, that mean you're close to home.  

It's like the line of a song (an awesome Country Gospel Song back in the late eighties, early ninties, that I LOVED! by a group, of the name Midsouth.) that says, "when we see the City Lights, we'll know we're HOME".... talking of our heavenly Home and seeing the Light of Heaven - beckoning us on Home. 

I couldn't help myself to think of these thoughts, while I was making this bag....

~City Lights~

** NO LONGER Available here.  It SOLD! (1/5/11) to Rebecca B. 
Thank you, so much, Rebecca!

: : Are looking for the City Lights, the lights of HOME?


  1. this is one of the MANY things I love about you...you are creative and you-nique. What an original name and when I look at the bag, it makes sense!

  2. You keep "pumping" them out and they keep selling! The word is out.
    This is probably one of my favorites, to date.

  3. I totally agree with see the lights in the distance showing the way home. It's like that for me when we leave our small city and have to return - it's a good feeling - but it doesn't compare to those Heavenly lights, that's for sure!! GREAT name for your bag - just perfectly imaginable!

  4. So true about the lights leading home...I love the fabric on the bag, very cute.


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