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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Finds | Family habits that don't die easy...

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{Welcome to Friday's Finds! For those of you who are new to this blog and/or just poppin' in - Hello! and welcome. On Friday's I like to try and feature "a find" of no particular value or sentiment, no reason or rhyme and yet, exactly for all of those reasons I just mentioned.}

Today's Friday's Find is perhaps a bit unusual.  It took me all morning to come up with something.  And, as we were sitting down to breakfast, this morning, I noticed this habit that my children have... which is really not new to me.  I've seen them do this a bazillion times before - but today is the first that I attempted to take photos of them in the act.
It's actually kinda gross.

I know about it because it is something that my Mennonite, Pennsylvania Dutch Grandparents used to do.  Go figure....

Thankfully, it skipped a generation (at least with me).  So, even though this came from my side of the family (I'll admit) - I have NEVER done this myself, nor taught my kids to do this.  I have no idea... I digress.

This habit?  Dipping your toast into your cereal milk.

Yeah, so my grandparents would actually eat this sometimes for supper.  I WILL NOT tell you what they called it.  It you must know - you can email me.  But, they seriously would butter toast, tear it up into bite-sized pieces and pour milk over the top.  This is what their dinner would be some evenings.

Cookies in milk, is one thing.  French Fries into milkshakes is another.  Pretzels into Ice Cream ... my personal favorite. 

Donuts into coffee... (they didn't necessarily have to be Dunkin' Donuts)

My dad loved this one and would refer to himself as a "dunk-ard".  Probably because we had good friends who were Dunkard Brethren or German Baptist Mennonites... he just loved to play on words, but I know he didn't teach them this as my dad has passed away - going on 15 yrs. now.

So, who taught them to dip their toast into their cereal milk?

I'll never know...

Friday's Finds | Family Habits that don't die easy.


  1. This reminds me of something my father used to fix for us when we didn't feel good. He called it "graveyard stew with a tombstone". You put buttered toast in a bowl, poached and egg in milk and poured it on top of the toast. Actually, it didn't taste that bad!

  2. this is funny, it really reminds me of what my mom made me when i had an upset stomach, she had a funny name for it too:) I never made it for my kids yet, maybe i should try it! We would toast our bread, tear it up, and put it in scalded milk. good memories:)

  3. I grew up with buttered toast in my OATMEAL. I loved it! Still do. It is best with toasted white bread (which we very rarely have on hand) and oatmeal that is topped with butter, table sugar and warm milk. Absolutely delicious! My father taught me this from the time I can remember.

  4. My Norwegian mom and her parents did the same with untoasted bread. If they had cream, they used that instead of milk. When Mom would tell us how delicious it was, we all would be totally grossed out. However, as I kid, I must confess...I did love to dip my toast in my cereal. :)

    Cute find. I needed a smile.

  5. it's funny how some things we do we are not even aware of, but they are passed on to us.

    Too cute;)

  6. Well, that is interesting! We grew up dunking out buttered toast into our hot cocoa.


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