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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grammy's Quilt

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I mentioned in THIS post - that one day, soon,  I would talk a bit more on the quilt, gracing our bed, in our bedroom. 

Today is the day!

My Grandmother...

feeling the beautiful need to pass the legacy along of quilt making, taught me a lot of what I know about quilting.  I confess...I feel the gift slipping from my hands - by the way of practically putting it all to practice - but I still have my memories.

I wouldn't say she was the BEST quilter out there, but to sit along with the rest of quiltie lady friends, her daughters and daughter-in-laws and finally some of her grand-daughters, who desired to learn... I would say that was wonderful, enough.  My grandmother was a character -in her own right. 

One of her bits of advice in us granddaughters learning to quilt was to be careful not to make the stitches so big that you might get your toenails caught on the underside. 

That stuck with me.

Over time, she wanted to bless her grandchildren - who were starting to get married off.  She felt like she would like to make each one of them a quilt from her and Grandpop, as a gift.  Mind you - she had twenty-three grandchildren, to be exact, and this idea came much later to her.  All of a sudden there were about 4 or 5 quilts that needed to get made - pronto!!

Thankfully, Grammy had some beautiful Amish friends who agreed to "help".  She would hire the one lady to piece the quilt-top, according to the granddaughter's or grandson's choice,  and then they would "pick the day" for the quilting. 


That was the funnest day - sitting there with as many as eight Amish ladies all quietly talking away, ripples of laughter and the stitches flying.  I am not kidding!  Up to as many as eight or nine stitches on one needle before pulling through.  If you're a quilter you know what I'm talking about.

It made me feel "out of sorts" sitting next to these ladies as I meticulously tried to make each of my stitches look the same. (Maybe this is why I have a thing strong detest for long toenails. Ahem!)  After awhile I could maybe get 3-4 stitches on the needle before pulling through, but NEVER nine.  That was tiny... literally about nine stitches to the inch.

It was beautiful.  That quilt would pretty much get quilted, all in one day.

As you can see, I choose the off-white (white on white) quilt design... I wanted as much quilting as possible on mine.  And, at the time I wasn't sure what my "bedroom" would look like.  It had to match. Plus, I was also into "shabby chic" (and still am, to a degree)... at the time.

See.  Here's the thing.  Getting married was nowhere on the horizon - at that point.  I thought I might never see a quilt from my Grammy.  She thought she would never live to see the day that I would get married to ever get one.

I was old...finally getting married at 31.  However, I (quietly) convinced her to give me my quilt for my 30th birthday - which was nice, but it made her bend the her rules.  I didn't use it until then... I promised!

We actually had the quilt hanging up at our wedding... with a tag on it, saying how Grammy thought she would never live see this day.  I wish I could show the photos of Scott and I standing in front of it with her.

Tomorrow would have been Grammy's 92nd birthday.  She's home with the Lord now - going on three years ago or so.  I miss her so much, but I'll always treasure ~ Grammy's Quilt.

* * * *

In case you're interested, I thought I would also show you this quilt... since we're on the subject.

I sure wish I could ask more information on it... but if I remember correctly, I was told that this crib-size, battered and tattered but very beautiful, Log Cabin Quilt was my Grandpop's baby quilt, for when he was a baby.  I have no idea when the quilt was made - but if my grandpop were living still today, he would be about 94 years of age.

It's too weak to hang on the wall, now... although I would LOVE to display it somehow a bit more prominently.   It's fine, right now, where it's at.

It's just another treasure... I cherish, just knowing what I know.


  1. Beautiful quilts and beautiful memories. I'm blessed to have a quilt from my great-grandmother. It's one of my treasures!

  2. That's beautiful! Too funny about the toenails getting caught. :-)

    My grandma made a quilt for wedding gifts for her grandchildren too. After the first few, she went ahead and decided on colors and patterns herself since each grandchild either was very particular or didn't know what they wanted. This was also when she decided to go ahead and make the quilt tops ahead for all the grandchildren as it was pointed out that if she waited until she got a wedding invitation that the youngest ones would probably not get a wedding quilt from her. She had given up on my sister getting married so went ahead and quilted her quilt and gave it to her before she was married at 33. :-)

  3. I remember working with you at the bookstore and seeing your Grammy come in. She was so sweet. The quilt is beautiful. I have one that my Grandpop's Grammy made~~it's in a cedar chest because, like you, I think it's too fragile to hang on the wall. Wonderful memories to pass down to our children. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful writing about your Gandmother and the quilt! Makes me smile inside and out! I love quilts, they are just beautiful and I really such a work of art!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful and what beautiful memories to go with it. I love that you have your grandfather's quilt also, those are most definetly treasures

  6. It must be like getting a goodnight hug from your Grandma, every night.

    Great story!
    Be sure to past it down (both quilt and story)

  7. What a beautiful quilt! It's amazing to see all those little stitches! I really like the color too.
    I like the other quilt too. I'm sure it's gotten a lot of use over the years. :)

  8. That is a beautiful quilt! What wonderful memories you have!

  9. I *loved* this post Bevy! How precious that wedding (pre-gifted) quilt and that baby quilt must be! How incredible that you have those many memories tied up in them. What treasures to pass on...with the stories to go with them. We don't really have quilters in our family...so sad.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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