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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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Hello to one and all and welcome to Scott's Second Sayings.  Hey... long time no talk. It has been wild ride around here lately. We are making it though, little by little.

I am going to keep this one real short and sweet. Honestly, it has been very trying time for us both. Bevy is resting now, but with two kids and 'home' to keep up with, she has not been resting like she should.

We received a call today from one of the Dr's and have been asked to go get a consultation on Bevy's leg. As well they are going to do an ultrasound too. Looks like next Wednesday if I recall correctly.

We are very blessed by peoples thoughts, prayers, and 'contacts'. As well, we are very thankful that I have a wonderful management team above me at work, for when it come to needing a little leniency at work with my schedule, they are very easy to work with.

I do want to comment on Bevy's post about animals sleeping in the bed......"So I guess I'll have to go sleep in our guest room now, UH?!?!?"........No, seriously. I grew up with pets (I am from the south you know) and one day would like for us to have a dog, or goats, or turtle or penguins (HA HA). A co-worker has a sign in her office that shows a small little animal standing on its back paws stating "I will not tolerate such rubbish". When I read Bevy's post, that is the first statement I thought of regardless of how absurd it may be. So Bevy is it rubbish or absurdity to sleep with animals???? Not that I would, I do agree... the dog would have to stay on the floor.

Remember way back when, before your days walking with Jesus, getting pickled. Well nowadays HERE is how I get pickled around here. No seriously though, I was thinking the other day, of yester-year and my life today. Do you ever have reflection? (I think there might be a post topic in there somewhere).  Age 16 comparing my Camaro to my friends Camaro's. Age 36 comparing my mini-van to my friends mini-van's. I think you get the point.

The new year does bring a great blessing as of midnight 1/1/11. Several of the exams I took last year were for a life certification. Due to changes in the industry, the rules were changing on 1/1/11, so we had to get them done last year. It is nice to look back and say "Ahhhh, they are locked in for life".

Well I had a note to myself about a topic relating to a woodshed (per my note) with the date 5/2/10. Well I know what the woodshed is referring to, the one me and my fellow red-neck brother-in-law put up in one day. I also know what the date is, the date of a blog post, yet, I DON'T recall what they have to do with each other or what I was going to say about that (oh well).......yeah, another side effect of that age thing from a couple paragraphs back.

Anyway, feel free to drop us a line sometime. We love hearing who is out there reading the blog. To all be safe and blessed

Happy Groundhog's Day, to ya'll.

Till next time!


  1. Howdy Scott. We would love to have a few animals too. Yes, not sure if I would want them sleeping in my bed, but it would be nice to have a few.
    It's a blessing to work for a team that has compassion on the family. Glad you can take this time to take care of your loving wife:)
    Blessings to your family today.

  2. Congrats on the certification. I know it took a lot of work.

    You won't be comparing your vehicles to your friends' when you have teenage drivers and they start scraping them, scratching them, denting them...that's when you learn - it's really just sheet metal. :)

    Thanks for helping take care of your wife since we bloggy friends can't. Praying for your family.


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