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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Link Love

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Here are a few blog links that I recently found and love and thought maybe you will too.  The photos, included, have absolutely nothing to do with my post today - but I love them and thought I'd share them with you.  They are from our last storm we had, the other day.

Nature Posts - a recently new blog started by my cousin Dana (he only posts about three times a week).  This guy is absolutely amazing.  He is new to blog land - so go say Hi! and maybe you'll learn something *new* from him (I already have - a lot!); particularly any homeschooling families who may need some science and nature "encouragement".

Life with Kaishon (Becky Leatherman) - is also another "new" blog to me.  And it's become quite the sensation, recently, of memories and unbelief of how I discovered it.  Here is the story...

I was reading another one of my favorite blogs, the other day - Farmgirl Paints.  The title of farmgirl's post caught my attention, because of the name of the blog author (Becky Leatherman) that she had included in the post title.  I thought to myself; farmgirl is from MN, not PA, and so who knows?! there could be... more then one Becky Leatherman in this world - but wow!!!  I know a Becky Leatherman, too!!

If this is the same one that I know -then, what a small world!?! 

Sure enough it is...

I am actually related to this Becky (as third cousins) and I haven't seen or heard from her in years.  It was so neat to be reconnected - through bloggy world - no less.  I have great memories of her and her family - at reunions and just life happenings in our small family circle. 

Life just has a way of taking us all - different directions at times, doesn't it?

Becky is great, upbeat and it shows through her blog - Life with Kaishon.  She's VERY real, honest, extremely bubbly and very encouraging.  She says her blog isn't about Photography - but let me tell you - even I can tell She's GOOD at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And one more blog that I LOVE!!  (I should stop before I get so excited, because there are so many to choose from).
I thought I would give a new *blog* friend a shout out.  Her name is Jayme.  Her blog, Tales from the Coop Keeper is so worth taking time to read. 

I get her uncanny sense of humor.  (I mean, she makes my sides ache some days most days, from laughing so much).  She's an older woman (not that means anything - but I'm getting there myself and she is just so honest about herself) who LOVES cleaning, chickens and cooking (and I don't know exactly what order to say those three should be in).

You've got to check these three blogs out... when you have a minute. 

I think you'll love!!!!!!!


  1. Love those new blogs!! The nature pictures are beautiful. Thanks for posting them. But really~~she's an "older" woman? I'm 12 years older than she is! Ha! Ha! I'd better not slip on that banana peel that's under my one foot! Love ya, Bevy!! ;-)

  2. I love finding new blogs. It's like a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much for sharing these. I'm heading now to check em' out!

  3. That's funny. We know a Becky Letherman too. Is she Christian's age and did she go to Penn View?

  4. Hey Bev, thanks for telling your readers about my new blog. I enjoy getting the content together like the post on winter insects (www.abundantnature.com/2011/02/winter-insects.html), however I see my blog layout is a bit basic. Especially after visiting a very nice blog like yours!


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