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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Time Sunday Hymn Sing | O Lord, within My Soul

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~O Lord, within My Soul~
E. A. Hoffman

O Lord, within my soul I long for purity,
To be complete and whole
Alone thro' thee.

There is no other hope,
There is no other plea;
Salvation full, Salvation free,
Must come alone thro' thee.

I bend before thy cross,
And know my heart can be
Cleans'd from its sin and dross
Alone thro' thee.

I pray at thy dear feet,
Salvation full entreat,
And want to feel my love
In thee complete.

My faith thy word believes,
The promise made to me,
And perfect peace receives
Alone thro' thee.

1 comment:

  1. BEV!!!!! I LOVED this song! I love all the songs you post on here! I'm going to add this to my singing at bedtime Heather


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