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Monday, February 21, 2011

Out of the Rubble with Restored Hope

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Coming off of a very busy weekend, with it's twists and turns...I'm still pondering.  A fun one, at that, but with some deep, intense and unsettling stories.

How does one stand up amidst the rubble and walk away? 

My heart continues to ache for one whose husband walked away from their marriage and four other children, some small, after the birth of their stillborn daughter... and the heartache and fight continues - two years later?

And then, there's the one who life just keeps getting interrupted with the unexpected and daily, she finds herself in a battle to stay focused on the one who Redeems all.  Why do some get wrapped up in the unknowns and whys of life that is not their "battle to fight" - but the Lord's?  My heart longs to know...

And then... the story of shame and regret that emerged, from years past.  A story that could have been much worse - and though still sad, disgusting and immoral ... somehow God used for good and for His Glory?  (sigh)

** As we sat around the room preparing our hearts and minds to take Communion.  I was aware that although my story is not currently like the ones mentioned above...it was and is still a rubble heap of possibilities. 

What IF I face the same or similar, down the road?  Would I be able to take hold of the Saviour's nail pierced hand, rising up, to walk away and out of the heap?  Would my eyes stay focused on the One who rescues, the One who sees, the One who redeems and delivers?

I struggled to share in participating the Communion Meal, that evening, because I was feeling the weight of it all.  I couldn't fix it... I had no words... I couldn't relate, yet I also couldn't let it go.  I had let my feelings get in the way of Our Saviour wanting to commune/dine with me.  By his grace, I was able to rise up out of the rubble and participate.

This morning we woke up to pure beauty, lying white and clean on the ground.  It was like the Spirit of God fell fresh.  Reminding me that no matter if and when the deep, dark stains of sin that saturate us and hurt us and cause us to bury our faces in shame... that instead His Mercies are new this morning, and every morning.

(Last year's photo.)

No matter what - He longs for fellowship with us, with me.  He turns our ashes into beauty, or mourning into dancing.

For those who are in Christ Jesus, we have Restored Hope!!  Yes! we do.


  1. Oh Bevy...

    How I needed this reminder this morning! Although I missed a bit of the communion time, I also feel the burden for the person in your first story. I have often prayed about how I could help out, but am leaving it to the Lord to guide me. When we hear others stories though, I do believe the Lord uses them to show us that what we may believe is "awful" in our own (immediate) lives can't compare to what he went through on the cross to give us life and it humbles me at these times to appreciate what I DO have and not focus on all the "little" things in life that tend to get me down.

    I agree it was so nice to see the fresh snow cover on the ground this morning...once again we are washed white and clean!!! Praise God and may you and your family enjoy a very blessed week!!!

    Laura (Suermann)

  2. Beautiful thoughts, sister. I needed to be reminded that He turns our ashes into beauty, or mourning into dancing.

  3. Beautiful! God's love and grace washes us clean and redeems us!


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