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Monday, February 7, 2011

What are they wearing?

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Someone asked me, recently in a comment if I made the kids hats/scarves??  Yes and no! 

A friend of mine asked to let me loan her my sewing machine, for a few hours, one day.  She was making these hats for her son's buddies, etc.  And as a thank you - she made two for Scott and I.  The scarves that Caleb and Aubrey are wearing are one's that she made ....

I made the hat (one in the same as the scarf) that Caleb is wearing and many, many more of them have been made as gifts.

Both Scott and I love to wear them, too...outdoors!

They are so easy, peasy to make.

Here's how:

You'll want to choose a good *festive is optional* quaility fleece.  Make sure their is a "good stretch" in it across the grain.   Next cut off a desired length - depending on who you're making it for, perhaps.  But, a good rule of thumb is 18" - 22" in length.

Next, you'll need to measure loosely the circumfrence of the person's head.  Measuring from the fold (and don't forget - allow for seam allowence). measure out only half of the measurement because of the double fabric.  Cut the selvage side away.

Now.  You can fold up one or two inches of the fabric (wrong sides together) to help create a "headband" if you would like.  Next (taking right sides together) sew one seam (backstitch) about half way up the "hat".

Take your scissors or pinking shears and then cut strips about 1" wide, downward, using where your seam stopped, all the way around the hat, as a guide.

FUN!!  Turn inside out...so that you're seam is on the inside... and you're done.

: : Hope you enjoy making one as well as wearing one - yourself!!


  1. Those are so cute and so are the little ones playing in the snow. This California girl is cold just watching them. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. The answer to your question? I don't know if I get to eventually keep what I make. My mom seems to think so...I didn't have the nerve to ask. Have a wonderful week!
    btw...your Lightning McQueen post looks like a day in my grandson's life only his races are with Thomas the train and amazingly Thomas always wins, too. lol

  2. Great tutorial! Winter hats made out of fleece are cozy warm!


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