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Thursday, February 3, 2011

when we pray our giant pickles go away

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Yesterday, in Scott's post where he talked about getting pickled... it reminded me of a conversation that I had with our three year old son, Caleb, a couple of nights ago.

I was the one putting the little ones to bed.  Scott had something else that evening and so he wasn't at home, yet.
Aubrey had already fallen asleep at the dinner table (which is very common) and so I was doing my best to quietly settle Caleb for the night, as well.

The lights in their bedroom were already out, so we did our nightly routines which meant getting dressed for bed, brushing our teeth, saying our memorized Bible verses and well.... because Aubrey was already asleep and the lights were out we almost had a near meltdown that we couldn't read the Bible, like we usually do.

So.  I offered to share with Caleb a Bible Story "from my heart" (from memory) and amazingly, he was okay with that.

I began to share of David and Goliath with as much dramatic flair as I could for a three year old to appreciate and comprehend.  Caleb pretty soon clued in to what story I was talking about as he recalled from the Veggie Tales: Dave and the Giant Pickle.

He began telling me the story...  ;)

I decided to take the story a step further to see if he would really catch on to mommy's witty and dry sense of humor - with a little spiritual lesson mixed in. 

I said - "You know Caleb - when life gives us 'giant pickles' such as mommy's leg boo-boo...or whatever (you fill in the blank)... our prayers are like the five smooth stones that David had for his little sling." 

I went on..."Our prayers are like a direct shot to God to take care of our 'giant pickles'.... ".  He interrupted me with some really cool sound effects of how {Goliath} the giant pickle fell down after getting struck by a stone on his forehead.  I don't know if he completely understood, or not.

But, we finished off by kneeling by the bed to say our bedtime prayers and he followed along word for word - and so... I say all of that to say.  Maybe our prayers; our faith; our confidence in a Holy God who loves us intimately and most assuredly -beyond our comprehension- really will leave a lasting impression on our children afterall.

This little additional perspective for Caleb was really for me.  I immediately felt convicted to the fact that all along I had been asking others to be praying for me... even Scott... or the little ones... and yet, I myself, was so caught up in the "confict" of pain and discomfort, for myself, that I had forgotten to really PRAY and ask God to heal me.  That all changed...quickly.

I remembered these song lyrics - that my Mom and sisters used to sing on a regular basis (in the car, chuch functions, etc.)

"...but, when we pray with child-like faith, it touches the Father's heart...
When we pray, the door to heaven will open. 
The Father is moved when prayers of faith are spoken. 
All of heaven stands at attention, when the name of Jesus is mentioned. 
He hears every word we say... when we pray."

: : Song lyrics "When we Pray" , I think, by the Southern Gospel group, The BishopsI can't be sure...

Update (once more) on my leg:  I'm still not fully healed.... but, I have hope.  I actually feel like I've turned a corner for the better. I feel like these new antibiotics are actually making a difference - I just need to give them more time.  I've only been on them since Monday evening.
The redness in my upper leg is still there, and there is some swelling. The picture that I showed you of it is - nothing compared to what it looks like now.
Yesterday I felt pretty good and Scott was right, I probably do not rest it like I should (I even put in a few stitches - I haven't sewed in over a week).  It is just SO HARD with the little ones.  Oh my word...it is so hard.

Today will be different, however,  I do have an appointment today that I need to go out for today.

Keep on praying... with me and for me.  Thanks!


  1. Oh, I really like those lyrics!!! Beautiful! I understand what you mean about having others pray and not thinking of donig it yourself, this was helpful! I'm glad your feeling better, physically, mentally and spirtually! May God continue to bless and heal you!! :)

  2. What a beautiful post! I love how you made the connection between David's stones and our prayers. There is such truth in that! Praying for you today! ♥

  3. I was reminded how Jesus tells us to come to us with faith like a child. Your such a sweet mama. What doesnt bring you all the way down, will only make you stronger.

    Love You!

  4. I don't know what happened to your leg. I guess I will keep hunting!

  5. When we pray, song done by the group chronicle, on their chronicle live album.


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