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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Gumbo ~ Bevy Style

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If you thought yesterday's post, of Hot Toffee, was going to be a recipe - I apologize.  I thought about it, that it might sound that way.  Nonetheless... it was just simply Swiss Miss - very diluted.

But, today I thought I would oblige.  Here is a *new* to me recipe... one that was check marked as good! by my sister who loves to do that in cookbooks of mine if she has the same cookbook.  Plus, this is the sister that is the head cook at a Wilderness Boys Camp, up in Mill Hall, PA.  I completely and utterly trust her judgement. 

I could go on and on about my sister Gladys, she's just cute that way... but I won't fluster her anymore. :)

Oh.  And I am sorry that I don't have a picture of this.  I tried to take one... but it came out looking awful which is NOT a good representation for the taste.  It's a casserole and photos of casseroles are nearly impossible to take good photos of.  They look like one goopy mess, don't they.

Don't you just wish your photos could also capture the taste and smells of something (better) just to bring it on!!!!!!!!  I sure do.


Here is the recipe for Chicken Gumbo.
I'll give you the recipe as it is out of the book and I'll mark it with an asterisk where I made modifications (Bevy style) and then tell you about those changes.

4 cups. cooked chicken*
1/4 cup melted butter
9 slices of bread*
1/2 cup mayonnaise
4 beaten eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup chicken broth
9 slices of cheese*
2 cans of cream of chicken, mushroom or celery soup*
2 cups Ritz cracker crumbs*
1/2 cup melted butter

Layer bread in a 10 x 15-inch pan.  Add chicken and pour 1/4 cup melted butter over the top.  Mix mayonnaise, beaten eggs, milk and broth and pour over the top of chicken. Layer your cheese slices, then add the soup.  Top with buttered cracker crumbs.  Bake at 350 degrees for one hour or until done*.


I used my 9 x13 stone baker from Pampered Chef.  So, I planned on it taking a bit longer to bake - like an hour and 20 minutes, or so.

Also.  I had this loaf of crusty french bread (that was given to us already as a day-old loaf) and by the time I thought about what to do with it - it had turned into a baseball bat.  Seriously.  It was that hard.  I knew this would be the perfect recipe to try; to give it a chance at redemption. ;)  So, I broke it up (warning: crumbs everywhere) and I put big bite size chunks in the bottom of the pan. I only covered the bottom of the pan, in a single layer.  I didn't use the whole loaf.  I didn't grease the pan either - but that might have been a good idea.

Then for my chicken - the recipe called for four cups.  I think you know that I like to cook and pick my chicken roasters for putting cooked chicken in the freezer (for recipes, such as these).  So, I don't think I had quite four cups.  It was more like 2-3 cups but in large pieces of moist, tender chicken meat.  A mixture of white and dark meat.

For the 9 cheese slices.  I had slices of Monteray Jack on hand, so I used that.  The recipe doesn't specify what kind to use.  But that kind of cheese does go well with chicken recipes and I was glad I had it available.  I only used 6 slices - due to the smaller pan size.  Yumm.

For the 2 cans of soup.  I said no way, I'm only using one can of Cream of Chicken.  One, because I am running low in my pantry and Two... it can get too salty.  I did happen to have a 15.2oz. can vs. the regular size of 10.5oz. can of soup.  Which gave it a bit more... it was plenty and delicious.

For the cracker crumbs I didn't have Ritz.  So, I used what I had in my cupboard and I think they were Club crackers - whole wheat or whole grain.  Because they were a heavier cracker I used only about a half of the one pack of crackers.  So, there is no way it was quite two cups.  I just eyeballed it here.  Same amount of butter. (of course!)

My family loved this dish.  I will say - it turned out much more tastier then I expected.  At first (while making it) I thought this dish might need some sauteed onion and celery... but I'm glad I didn't do that.  It was just right.  I served green beans on the side... but a nice salad would do the trick, too, to round out this dish.

I think it would make a great pot-luck dish; or for a meal to give away...  Enjoy!!!

There you have it. Chicken Gumbo ~ Bevy Style.  I love taking the liberty, at times, to see how something will turn out - by using simple alterations or additions.

: :  I know not everyone feels brave enough to make changes to a recipe - especially on one they've never made or even tasted before.  Like I said - I trusted my sister. 

But, what about you?  Are you a brave recipe re-creator??


  1. So that is what you used your french bread for. I was waiting for a new recipe. It looks yummy! Thanks

  2. It's so true, pictures of cassaroles just do not do them any justice! I may have to try out this one sometime soon! And you know me, I love to experiment with a recipe!! ;)

  3. Thanks Bevy! I will have to try this. And no worries on the hot toffeee;) LOL! It was a great post, even with no recipe!

  4. No I'm not. I can't re-create a thing!

    But you my friend...
    are a good one.
    I have to tell you. My family is completely in love with Bevy's Stromboli. We've made it THREE times already. yeah baby three times!

    1. steak and cheese
    2. Cheese and pepperoni
    3. vegetarian. peppers, cheese, onions, pineapple.

    Good, good, good stuff!

    You should consider a recipe book in your near future!

  5. Yum! I like the idea of adding stale/crusty bread to the bottom! YAY!


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