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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Finds | A whole bunch of nothin' with a whole lot of ~ Giveaway!

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Today, I present to you another ramble.  Like I said a whole bunch of nothing - yet a whole lot of everything.

Plus, there's a giveaway!

So stick around, bear with me and my ramblings. You'll be glad you did.


Shew!  I'm tired...

The donut making went well, yesterday.  Well, sort of .  The first batch I made - I killed the yeast.  My water was too hot and I think that's what happened.  Those cute little sweet circles didn't want to rise.  The next batch worked out great.  We my Brother-in-law, was home, and ended up frying everything anyway.  He was in his glory!  So, some are hard and crunchy and the good ones - well, they are in the freezer for another rainy day.  I sent the bag of real crunchy donuts with Scott to work today.  They'll be gone in no time flat.  Especially, if their is coffee to go with them.

Oh, and you know what else we made? We made Apple Fritters. 

You take the scraps of dough from the cutting out of the donut circles.  And you just mix, by hand, by pressing into the dough - lots of brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins (opt.) and finely chopped apples.  You just need to roll out the dough very thin (so that it will cook evenly through), and cut into funky squares or triangles and let rise.  Fry as usual.

Speaking of a rainy day.  We sure had a heavy deluge, again yesterday, didn't we?  Our yard looked like a miniature swimming hole till it was all said and done. 

That is one of my fondest memories of growing up.  Playing in all the large yard puddles.   

Summer of '09
I'm so looking forward to more of this later this summer.  I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

I just want to say - where I went to make donuts yesterday was at my sister and brother-in-laws place.  They live about 45 minutes away, and if that wasn't the most white-knuckled, bucket holding, green faced ride I took in a long while, then I don't know what was.
They laugh at me- with grace - because they understand.  I can get car-sick going up there anyway but with being pregnant, it sure magnifies the mess.  Thankfully, there really was no mess.  Just the looming potential.  They live up over a (small) mountian and with the uphill, winding and bumpy roads (sheesh!) ... I was glad at least I was the one driving.  It would have been ten times worse had I been just a passenger.

On to nicer and prettier things.

I'm curious.  What do you think of the *new* blog font I choose to use for my posts, here?

And, do you like the first photo, I posted here today? 

Those are silk flowers used at our wedding - almost six years ago.  I didn't just want to keep them stashed in a box, out of sight, out of mind.  It seemed right to have them beautify our room just a bit and so on the wide-window sill they sit.

It's taken Scott a bit to "enjoy" the idea.  He's coming around to Mamma's way of thinking in that regard. :)
I snicker as I say that, because something is sure to come out of this on one of Scott's Second Sayings, the next time he gets around to posting again.

And, here is the best part of this rambling post. 

My friend Jenn's birthday was yesterday.  And, so to celebrate, she is doing a wonderful GIVEAWAY, on her blog, in correlation with her Etsy shop - Sycamore Lane.  You'll have to check out her beautiful photography pieces.  Seriously, she is an amazing photographer.

 Like now! 

This giveaway ends - Sunday, the 13th of March.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday. 
 God bless your day!


  1. please save us some doughnuts! YUM!
    About the font: although it's pretty, it is difficult for me to read on the computer and I have to strain to see the words. Sorry, but that's the truth and you asked :)
    LOVE you!

  2. I should have said that it's mostly the COLOR that makes it difficult to read. The actual font is FINE. :)

  3. I like your font, and your picture! I don't get car sick, but I feel so bad for those who do.

  4. Hi Bevy ~ Your font (and your blog) look great! I think they match perfectly. And...those flowers from your wedding...I agree with you...they should be on display! They are beautiful. Isn't Jenn a talented photographer?? I *love* all her work. All the best on winning!

    Many blessings to you!

  5. I LOVE the picture of the flowers! So pretty! And I'm not sure...but I didn't notice a difference in the font. Could it be because I am using Firefox? I'll check it out in Explorer and see if I notice a difference.

    Thanks for the plug! :)

    Love ya! ♥


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