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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hot toffee

. . . . . .. . . .. . ..  .. . . .. . . . .. .

It was one of those days.  The little ones were getting rammy indoors, but it was pretty cold outdoors.  I decided to get them out of the house, anyway.

By the time we came back indoors, even I was cold and craving a mug of hot chocolate.  Except that, this would (honestly) be a first for my kiddo's.  Yup. I've never given them hot chocolate before.  ((I paid for it later.  They were even more hyper after this.))  Sigh.

But, they drank it like they've never had anything like it!  Which was the truth.  They were too funny.  So careful and so fancy-like..sipping it just so off their spoons.

 Allow me to fill in their voiced expressions...

"Mmmm, so g-oo-d".
 (Man, if you could only hear how Aubrey says that.)

"Mom.  Is this hot choc-o-late?"
(Yes Caleb. Yes it is!)

"It's my toffee".
(oh, really!?!)

I thoroughly enjoyed mine as well.  Of course, I added a few extra marshmallows on mine. 
I gulped down their last swallows or two, left at the bottoms of their mugs, as both of the kiddo's had already taken off - chasing each other around the house over who knows what now. 
I told you... I paid for it dearly, later. 

But the memories stirred up are as warm and delicious
as any can be.

There is nothing, really, like hot toffee in your cup.


  1. They are sooo adorable. I give mine hot chocolate alot when it snows and we go out, but usually because we make them help shovel;) Of course, now anytime they are a little frosty from playing outside they ask for it.
    The pics are wonderful. You can see how much they are enjoying, and appreciating it.

  2. Enjoying the "toffee" face smiles!

  3. The best part of waking up is 'toffee' in your cup! haha

    They are so cute!

  4. I just gave my kids hot chocolate for the first time this winter, and they thoroughly enjoyed it too! Your kids look like real sweeties! :)

  5. So cute! What a fun new experience to capture!

  6. I have the same love/hate relationship with snacks for the kids. I bought hot chocolate this year during a cold snap, watched them down cups of the sugary, chocolatey goodness, then wondered why I had ever bought the stuff in the first place. Sometimes it's about the memories, not always about the health, or so I keep telling myself...

  7. They are so cute it's ridiculous!

    Love that last shot;)

  8. I like the smudge of chocolate on Aubrey's cheek. My new grandson has red hair like Aubrey - I hope it stays red.



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