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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old Time Sunday Hymn Sing | Into My Heart

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Imagine yourself in a church basement - gathered around with the other children, from the various Sunday School Classes.

The Teacher is leading out in the songs that children sing.  Hands would raise and selections were taken.  At the end of the 15-20 minutes of singing... this would be the final prayer song.

Heads would bow, hands would fold and we would pray - this song.  Nice and soft...

Into my heart. 
Into my heart.
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.
Come into to-day.
Come into stay.
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.
~ Amen.

* * * *

This remains a dear memory for me and to this day - my two children (ages two and three years old) beg to sing this song, every night. And now, also, at meal times, as well. 

That is...if they're not arguing as to who will get to start it - first. 

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  1. Well, what a wonderful thing for the kiddos to be arguing about!


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