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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Painting Color

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Happy 1st day of March!

Yesterday, I seemed a little despondent to the rainy day we were having and usually I don't mind them.  In fact, I usually LOVE me a rainy day.  Fact is, we pulled out the paints... just to paint us some color.

But, this morning, as I woke and I noted "color" coming through the blinds, I honestly got a little bit excited.

Maybe a lot - excited.  This was going to be a different sort of day.... 

But really... in all honesty.  I have a choice to make. 

Just because one day it's raining and another is all sunshiny, that alone shouldn't determine how my day goes, should it?   I know it plays a part... in affecting me and how I feel, but there is more to it.

The Master Painter is painting my story every day.  It is He who wills and determines my steps of the day and every day.  I make plans (but plans change due to weather), I have expectations and I hope to do this or that - but my Hope should found in the Lord... as He wills.

If the sunshine coming through, means a colorful and much more exuberant day; where plans are going well, then I'm forgetting something.  Just because it's raining doesn't mean the sun's not there.  It is!  It's just hiding... for a moment, but it's all good! 

Is it the Lord painting the color into your life... or your own plans or expectations? 

Just something to think about.


  1. What sweet pictures of Caleb painting. :)
    Yes, the weather shouldn't determine whether we have a good or a bad day. It's all about our attitude and the choices we make. :)
    It's hard to believe March is here already!!

  2. Needed to be reminded of the Master Painter today and His plans, which are not always my plans. Thank you SO much for the sweet card, my heart so needed the reminder that saints are praying. So glad I visited your world today...

  3. Which is infact my favorite thing about...

    treasured up and pondered:)

    Happy March 1st to you too.

  4. Beautiful thoughts today, Bevy! Something I needed to be reminded of!

  5. Seeing those cute faces everyday, would bring sunshine into my life!
    Tell Caleb that I like his painting. He added just the right amount of color.

    Wow! Does he have the blondest hair! Beautiful!


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