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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simply Saturday | fresh new coat

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What to do?

I love this handmade bench.  It was a piece of furniture that I designed, probably close to 14 years ago. I had asked the husband, of a dear friend of mine, to build it for me based on the picture I drew and rough measurements I gave him.  It has a bench seat and so underneath the vintage down-feathered feed sack pillow is where I store all of my Princess House Chinaware.  I know I should get it out and use the china more then I do.  But, it's safe - at least for now.

This bench needs fresh paint job.  Badly.

I love the white look to it.  But, against this wall it can tend to get lost.  I thought about a very pale mustard yellow of sorts - but it needs to be just the right aged pale yellow, or something. 
Maybe a sage grey would be nice...or a celery green...
or, is antique white - just right?

I'm asking for thoughts, here, and suggestions. 
The only thing is... it won't get done today, tomorrow or even this coming week. Do you have any idea how long I've been (already) thinking about doing this project?
  I'll have to wait until someone (like my hubby or one of my brothers) can help to haul it outside, so I can give it's fresh new coat. 
And, then to keep the little hands out of the paint would be part of the job, too. :)

I'm turning this Simple Saturday into a quandary...aren't I?


Linking up, today, with Jenn from A Country Girl's Ramblings for her Simply Saturday link up.  You can too! Grab your camera and join in on the fun.


  1. I am not at all handy in order to give ideas - maybe a crackle finish of some sort?? But I will say - I love that bench!! How cool that you designed it! Love your header photo as well!

  2. W-E-L-L....I'm a white freak! So I love it just the way it is...but it would look awesome in faded sage green with some sanding to keep that vintage feel. Or maybe the soft mustard yellow. HMMMM! I know I'm no help, but I think it would look beautiful with any of those colors! :) Happy Saturday, friend!

  3. My thoughts...
    The right Yellow is a very hard color to come up with (trust me on this one!)

    I know this is going to sound funny but a light gray, I think, would be just right.

    That way you could add your color with pillows or seat cushion. And up against the white it would not blend in. But it has to be a light gray. Like the color I'm looking at right now, the background of your blog.

    Have fun!

  4. I love this bench! And I love white too. But I agree with Christine, it's very hard to get just the right yellow. I've had disaster with that one. But I've had good luck with sage green. I think that would be pretty with striped and rose pillows for spring and summer. Then the autumn colors would look good on it during that season and it would look good at Christmas time with country Christmas on it. That's my take for what it's worth:)
    Would love for you to post another picuture of it when you're finished!

  5. wow you designed that? too cool. i love benches and have two. one is white and the other is black. the black one used to be a yellow color. so fun to play around with them and add pillows for a pop of color. good luck:)

  6. I love the white, but agreed it can get "lost" in that room. So, maybe paint the back of it celery green and the rest white....somehow make it two toned. I do think that no matter what you do, it will end up looking great. You have such a nice touch with things.

  7. What a beautiful piece. If you really are interested in having input on your color choice, I'm voting for the celery green! :) Of course, I can't see the rest of your house.

  8. I'm a green girl, so I would say green,
    Yellow sounds really nice too.

    Truly, I'm not sure you could paint it an ugly color because it's that pretty:)

  9. My vote would be a very light sage green. That color seems pretty vintage to me.


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