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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Postcard instead of a HOWDY!

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Happy 2nd day of March.

It's a bit unusual that I would start my posts out like I did today (or even for yesterday) but, it is the 2nd of March and that is usually when my hubby would post his HOWDY post - also known as Scott's Second Sayings.

He decided he didn't have time for this month (which is understandable)... and even though this day comes around the same as every other month (I like to tease him)... we'll let it slide once more.

If you're newly following this blog, or just poppin' in to check it out for the first time today... my husband thought that for the second of every month - he would  simply say hello and fill you in on his side of the story. ;)

For something different today, I thought I would join in with Becky, from Farmgirl Paints, for her Thrive project. 

This sounds like it may be the last one for Becky's Thrive series...which is a bummer.  I've been a real slow poke in joining in.  But Spring Postcards (as the theme) sounded fun.

I love postcards... and receiving them too.  Here is my take on a {Spring} Postcard. 
Just for the record - these are photos from last spring.

I haven't seen any signs of anything real Spring-y around here yet!

Remember I'm...


  1. Spring, it's coming!
    Keep thinking those thoughts.

    (hear from you next month, Scott)

  2. Being a new follower of yours, I was looking forward to reading your husband's post this month--so you can tell him there was at least one reader sadly disappointed that he couldn't do it this month. (Totally kidding! I understand being extra busy!)

  3. Such a gorgeous postcard!!!

  4. I Love your postcard Bevy. I hope to get one done soon...and yes...I'm patiently (no anxiously really) waiting for Spring too!

  5. Great postcard! Love the three pics combined and the sweet saying... something I'd be happy to send to a friend.

  6. Love this Bevy! Such beauty in those daffodils!

  7. WOWZA girl you did amazing. Makes me anxious for those warm days to come.


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