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Thursday, March 31, 2011

stop acting like hyenas

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A storm must be brewing... big time!  {this post was written on Wednesday- late evening}

Repeating what my mother used to always say, in the most exasperated of voices,  "Children. Stop acting like hyenas".

I found myself thinking that very phrase, a lot, about my own two precious darlings ALL DAY LONG today.  They were an absolute mess, regardless of the fact that we all still don't feel well, it was unbelievable, and I was getting rather ruffled.

Even my husband agreed... when he got home, later this evening.  I didn't have to say much until he clued in to how my day was, when, rolling his eyes, he said, "boy!{it} better hit hard and be a good one". 

I guess the Northeastern States are expecting to get quite the snowstorm, over the next couple of days, while we here (in our neck of the woods) are due heavy rain/mixed with snow from now till Saturday... according to the local weather forecast.  Yes!  I read & wrote the "s" word...

All of these thoughts got me to thinking of how we as Christians can get sometimes.  We act like hyenas, too.  We laugh and goof off - getting ourselves into all sorts of malarkey; sticky situations - like its a joke.  Then when a real true-to-life storm does come our way - we're totally and completely unprepared - due to our lack of paying attention. 

We wonder, then, if He's truly in the midst of our storm.  All of a sudden, we get real busy crying out to Him in prayer, don't we?... begging and pleading for his protection, grace and mercy in the desperate time of need and the dire strait we find ourselves in.

that blessed quietness; holy quietness; blest assurance, in my soul... on the stormy sea, Jesus speaks to me...
and the billows cease to roll. 
Just the refrain of an old church hymn floating through my head, as I type.  

Seriously.  He's been there in our midst all of the time.  Steady and Sure.  If we just only would "settle down and pay attention" - repeating what I say so often to my own kids.

As a mother, I just wish I could be the quiet, calm and settled one... in my home... more then I am.  Maybe I'm the one that needs to be paying more attention (myself), in those calm moments before the storm... preparing my heart, before the next wave of a stormy forecast- hits.

Update as of 10:00 pm: By the way, it's raining now... and the littles just fell off to sleep into sweet dreamy slumber - let's hope, they stay that way for the night!

And... just to clarify.  I have no idea where my mother got that phrase, "stop acting like hyenas" - nor why she choose to coin that one on us.  We were always good little girls and boys.  ALWAYS!


  1. Isn't comforting to know He is there, always. Even when we act like Hyens.
    Good thought and great writing.

  2. Such wonderful words! We do need to be the calming force for our children, just as Jesus is our calming force.


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