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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Without Hearts There is no Home." ~ Lord Byron

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It was a rather R*A*I*N*Y day - in case you couldn't tell.

Looking for ways to entertain, I pulled out the homemade Pumpkin Spice Playdough.


We cut out shapes of stars and hearts and fish...

And, then.

They wanted Mommy to make a house!

So, I rolled out lots of "Lincoln Logs" and built that house.

While in the middle of making this -little house- the thought came to me to turn this into an object lesson.
I asked for the cut-out heart.

I placed the heart inside the house, and talked about hearts being a symbol of love and that "just like we're putting this heart inside our little house here, (because this little house is like our big house where we live) we can have love in our home - for each other."

We put the roof on... and talked some more about the "heart/love" inside our house... how important it is to have the Love of Jesus in our hearts first and that, that will make the love we have for each other even "bigger"/greater.

I don't know how much a two and three year old will remember - much less understand. 
But, it's a simple start.  And, having an "object lesson" like this or simply reading out of a Bible Story book or another book called "A little Boy after God's Own Heart", by Elizabeth George, (my favorite author) at breakfast time is just one way I try to help bring shaping influence into my children's hearts and minds.

I found a small quote the other day that echoes what I was trying to say here.
It simply says...

Without Hearts There is No Home.  ~ Lord Byron

** I apologize.  I do not have a recipe for the pumpkin play dough.  It was given to us from MOPS.


  1. What a great quote--and a great object lesson!

  2. Great way to teach, with showing, sharing and loving.
    We all could learn a lesson from you.

  3. Beautiful Bev!! And also know that you lead by example. When contemplating the week last week, and the fact that both our family and yours were tired on Sunday I said to Mike "I know we are tired, and so are they - but I REST there". I know - selfish, right? But it is in the atmosphere of your home - your home's "heartbeat" so to speak. Thank you for truly living your thoughts. :) Love spending time in your home. Your kids not only have these thoughts spoken to them - they can feel them.....

  4. Your view out the window is what we see almost every day for MONTHS in the PNW.

    You're such a good mommy, I love hearing how you love Jesus into their lives.

  5. What a great lesson for your children! I'm sure they understood more than you think. Those little minds are like sponges! :)


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