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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Close and Constant"

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Behind the scenes of the daily grind, in regards to Bags by Bevy... I've been a busy little bee and there is no reprieve - or, so it seems.  Which is a good thing...don't get me wrong.

Recently, I was asked to make a bag for a dear friend of mine - who gave me a deadline; choose her fabric from my stash (meaning I was working with a limited amount of fabric) and asked that I specifically make her a backpack.  Something I have never done before.  So, with all of these "specifications".... I was *sighing* and *muttering* and *stressing out* - but oh, am I ever *proud* of myself for figuring this one out.

I like it.  I hope my friend will too.

But, because my hubby couldn't stand to hear me in such distress... he said "no more!"...no more special orders like that, unless it's a bag I want to make like it on my own admission.  I appreciate his care... really, I do.


~Close and Constant~
SOLD! to my friend Connie C.


I also made a pair of Homespun Baby shoes - last week.  Just to give as a gift to another dear friend of mine, who recently had a new baby girl.  So, I wanted to bless them with some pretty pink and brown...as if they're not already blessed with this new little bundle of love.

~ Homespun Baby Shoes~
Pink and Brown
(gift to Hayley W. and family)

Off to make and fulfill another couple of orders...before May 8th!

- an overnight bag
- two pairs of baby shoes

-(finish up) the medium/large bag I'm currently working on, for another friend.  Wait till you see this one...


  1. FANTASTIC work!!! And cheers to Scott for putting his foot down :) !! You creative types always go just a little crazy!! :) So - did we drawstring??????

  2. You did a beautiful job on that bag. I really like the fabric. Those little shoes are so cute too. You are so talented!

    I read your story last week and I could totally relate. I remember when Katie was that age and it was really hard! I'm not the 'playing' type either. When she wanted that, she'd go to her dad. When she wanted to hear a story and cuddle, she would come to me. :)

    I'm praying for you. Hope you have a wonderful day. ♥

  3. Oh Bevy~~it's absolutely beautiful!! I know she'll love it. Clever name, too~~did you make a special pocket for her coombs~~er, combs? Hehe!! The baby shoes are precious, too. Don't forget to give yourself some special "Bevy time" during your busy days! Have a Blessed Easter!

  4. Oh bev!!!! I think I stress a bit with each custom order......they push us creatively, and take us out of our comfort zones. Just learn to trust your abilities and look at it like an adventure. It turned out great, I really love it!!!!!!

  5. The bag turned out beautiful! You did an amazing job.

  6. Love the backpack, colors and style!

  7. Bevy, you are so talented! I love the back pack! And I have LOVED those baby shoes from the first set I ever saw on you blog! So adorable!


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