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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday! {a Repost}

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Today is a good day.  Just because it's Friday...is what makes it a good day, right?!?!?!?

But in all reality today is Good Friday.

So what, is good - about Good Friday? Is it because we have an evening service at church, and we go?? Is that what makes it good? I had to REALLY evaluate my thoughts on what really is Good Friday, and what does it mean for me.

For me. I am simply aware of my daily need for a Savior. I am a sinner saved by grace. And grace alone. As one song says, "Mine was the sin that drove the bitter nails".

It was my sin that nailed him to the cross. It was my voice that cried out among the mockers.

Yet, he loved me. He knew me. He choose me from before the foundations of the earth...that I would be his child. His daughter. Alive - unto him. He rescued me. He Redeemed me as his own. His Love (so amazing, so divine) demands my life, my soul, my all.

May these words, these truths...rivet my heart today. May they mean more to me today, then they did yesterday.

Take a look, at the meaning for the word...rivet.

riv·et (rvt) n.

A metal pin or bolt for passing through holes in two or more places or pieces to hold them together, the other end being hammered into a head after insertion.

1. To fasten or secure with or as if with a rivet.
2. To hammer the headless end of so as to form a head and fasten something.
3. To fasten or secure firmly; fix.
4. To engross or hold (the attention, for example).

As, I was thinking how I could keep this post as simple as possible, today. ;) A picture came to my mind. And, so I went digging through my old tool box (Yes! You read that right. My - tool box!) and found these three rusty nails.

This picture, right here, says it all.  Because of the Cross....

This, is what makes today a GOOD FRIDAY!!  Amen?

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son. That whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have everlasting life." ~ John 3:16

Have a Blessed Easter weekend!! 

And actually, I thought this would be interesting.  I would like to do my own version of something that our local Christian Radio Station has been doing this past month.  They have posed the beginning of a statement - Because of the Cross....

And listeners have called in - and in their own words - expounded on that thought. 

If you were to finish that phrase, what would you say? 

Because of the Cross...

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  1. Because of the Cross...

    I am Forgiven. FREE. Redeemed.



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