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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratitude is the Greatest Antidote to Jealousy.

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When we're truly grateful - there is little room for envy. Discontent has been kicked to the curb. In other words gratitude, when it is really apart of our lives, it becomes and acts as an antidote against anything else that would interfere with that gratitude.

The veins of jealousy can really run deep.  It's roots no one sees and it will fester and intensify eating up anything and everything in it's wake.  It is not a good thing.  How do we fight back?

Living a grateful life is not of our first nature.  So, then how do we become a grateful soul?  How does gratitude permeate and fill us up - leaving no room for the seeds of envy, discontent and jealousy to take root?

Gratitude is the greatest antidote to jealousy.

I have this phrase jotted down alongside the 23rd chapter of Psalm, in my Bible.  Somewhere, at some point, this phrase must have been presented in a sermon or while studying and reading something else... that made me write this down so I would often be reminded.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not (be in) want. (v.1)

The Lord is all that I need.  He cares for me.  He meets my every need.  He sustains me.  I have no lack of gain.  He is my All Sufficient One - my El Shaddai.  In Him there is (true) peace.  Quietness and Rest.

When I begin to think this way... believing it, with all my heart... I can sense a shift in my way of thinking.  I no longer am driven to think pitifully of what I have, or respond restlessly to what I have and where I am in life as though I deserve better... jealously longing for - different.

Does this mean, I never am tempted to complain or dream or think less of me and more of others and want that very thing for myself?  Absolutely not.  I'm human.  I fail.  I need reminders.  Daily reminders.

As in the line of this song... Knowing you, Jesus.  Knowing you.  There is no greater thing.  You're my all.  You're the best. You're my joy, my righteousness....and I love you, Lord.

So, I continue to list... growing in gratitude.

64. He is Risen.  The Lord is Risen, Indeed!
65. His example in serving...
66. the wine, the bread
67. sounds of thunder, flashes of lightening ripping across the eastern sky
68. little drops of water - making up the mighty ocean
69. growing green grasses...only to get mowed down (again).  Ahh, the smell....
70. that this plaguing cough and allergies have finally lessened - I'm much more comfortable
71. we're in the final week...long week... of my husband's studies, with an exam to follow on Saturday.  ((Please, be praying)).
72. (an unexpected) half-price day, on children's clothing
73. a long-overdue (on my end) phone call and great chat with a dear friend
74. story time - with Little's before crawling into bed
75. a wink from my hubby across the room
76. bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles...
77. budgets that can accommodate and afford soaring gas prices
78. restless night of sleep - Lord Willing... adequate for the day
79. beautiful, soggy, foggy morning
80. overflowing Easter baskets - taking up space on my kitchen counters.  But. They're filled with chocolate...81. Sermon Series on 1 Peter... Praise to God for a Living Hope, a Settled Hope
82. crumbs to clean up - dishes to wash.  We have plenty...
83. a grassy backyard - even though it's not fenced in (how oh, I wish it was)
84. when doesn't seem fair and we experience great loss... suddenly
85. opportunities - not interruptions
86. a hearty pat on the back - warm smile - friendship


  1. Will be praying for you guys this week!! This is HUGE!! After this it is easier study wise for awhile, right? Mike also has 3 exams this week - Saturday is the the last day of his semester..... Sunday is going to be a big day of rejoicing! :)

  2. Yes indeed, if we are truly grateful, their leaves little room for jealosy. Beautifully written Bevy! I always love reading your list:)


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