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Monday, April 4, 2011

groping for gratitude

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In the book – One Thousand Gifts – she (Ann), author of HERE, talks about the…

Ugly Beautiful.

I’ve been pondering that phrase for a couple of days, now and wouldn’t you know? Here I am face to face, for my own, with what makes the beautiful – ugly, but then, needing to choose to turn that around into making the ugly – beautiful again.

I hope that makes sense.

Last week, I was unable to participate with this "gratitude community", due to our phone service being down for several days.  Not fun!  But, in that I've continued to search out those areas of my heart - where gratitude is lacking.

The phrase that keeps running through my mind is: groping for gratitude.  Because that is what I feel like I've been doing.  Hence, the title for this post. I feel like I was really having to look for it this past week, or so.

As you may have read, last week I was not feeling well.  I still am not 100%.  I guess being pregnant brings on a whole new dimension to colds and sinus infections and nasal congestion (hacking up a lung or two)...and you really can't take anything to help, for relief.

It's hard to find gratitude when you're not feeling up to par.  You know?  But, I've tried.

Here is what I found when starting to look...

30. with no land-line or Internet...I read more and colored more and snuggled more.
31. grateful that the 7 day (2x/per day) ordeal of a medicated eye-drop treatment for our son Caleb - is now over.
32. for two little kiddo's with super tender & sensitive hearts that remind me of my own daily need for Jesus.
33. for words to "My Story"
34. blooming yellow daffodils
35. baby's first-felt fluttering and the getting-stronger movements
36. bag orders continuing to come in (I wish I could simply keep up)
37. tissues....tissues....and more tissues
38. grey days
39. 50lbs of potatoes for $10.00
40. sharing God's abundant blessings, to us, with others
41. misunderstandings and the opportunities to make right
42. "pawease" and "no fanks" - manners being learned by my kiddos
43. even for snowflakes... when Spring's well on it's way, in coming
44. Where I've Been - and where I'm going


You know those teeny - tiny black ants that start coming "indoors", getting into everything like *NEW* bags of sugar and all over the kitchen counter and couresing through the carpet this time of year?  I have kept clean, prayed and sprayed for them to go away... but to no avail...Yet!... they keep coming indoors like a small army rank, ready to break me down.

I'm still groping for gratitude on this one.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how God continues to give us blessings no matter what! I'm thankful that you saw yours even if you had to grope for them:)
    Here is one for your list. #45 Powerful Ant Spray! We had dozens of those little boogers lurking under our windows. The other day was beautiful and we went to open up all the windows and here they all came. But they are in ant heaven now and we are enjoying the breezes through the open windows.
    Have a beautiful day:)

  2. Beautiful post, Bevy! I love these posts where your heart shines through!

    We have begun to get the little black ants here, too. UGH!

  3. Okay not sure why that comment has my name as Jennifer...which is my name...but, usually it post it as Jenn...HMMMM!

  4. Isn't it amazing that when we begin to list our thanks it becomes easier and easier to find that we are thankful for so many seemingly insignificant little things? Thanks for sharing Ann's list today. Blessings, Debbie

  5. I’m here from Ann’s.

    And of your list this week, this is my favorite: 38. grey days (because here we need them, the plants need water and we do too, and the gray only makes the blue brighter when it comes back. Later, in the kingdom maybe we won’t need them at all. There will be light, there will be no trial we can’t overcome – God will be ruling and all will be love –and wall will be perfect. For now though – the gray days)

    Thank you. I needed this today.
    God bless you and keep you – and all of yours.

  6. Your list had such great value to me --- only because you showed your heart and how hard it was to find them. Treasures, for sure. I guess it's been one of those days for me today. But the practice of seeing gifts in everything is just the greatest way to KNOW that He is always there, always pouring out His grace on us, no matter what! Thank you for sharing today!

  7. what a wonderful list! I've got the awful cough and congestion too - so sorry yours is worse because of the baby. :( But how marvelous to feel flutters getting stronger!! Hope you feel better soon! :)


  8. Very nice list!

    And if you figure out a way to be thankful for those little ants, please let me know. Better yet, if you figure out a way to get RID of those little ants, definitely let me know! They're everywhere! :)


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