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Thursday, April 14, 2011

"My Story", as I attempted to tell it today. - Part One

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I grew up a Conservative Mennonite gal; the oldest of nine – six girls and three boys.

It was a way of life; a religion/culture, but with some sense of relationship; deeply rooted in godly heritage and tradition. It held a deep sense of  at-home community and so getting married, followed by motherhood (for girls) was held in high regard.  Neither Collage nor Careers were encouraged. This was all I knew. I had little expectation of myself but to be anything but the best wife and mother I could possibly be.

I thought that, that day would never come - when I would get married and begin to raise a family of my own.

When I was about to turn 23 I began thinking about and planning to move out on my own. I needed my own space! Tough to do, but I finally convinced my parents that I could do it. An apartment soon became available – in the basement of an old farmhouse where my cousin and her husband lived.  My parent's fears in letting me go were soon calmed… because they knew I wouldn’t be totally alone – out there in that big ole world.

A lot of different things were going on in my life at that point. I was thinking of attending a different church – different then the conservative Mennonite church I had known and attended all my life. I had lots and lots of questions regarding my faith and God’s grace in my life and soon I found a church family that I grew to love and appreciate and my husband and I still attend a church through this group of churches, called Sovereign Grace Ministries.

After moving into this farmhouse basement apartment and being there for about one month… ironically, today marks it to be 15 years (April 13th)…when my dad (age 43) suddenly passed away leaving 8 kids still at home with the youngest being only three years of age.

That left a huge hole in my heart as I would say I was pretty close to my dad… and I miss having him around. I wish – but he never got to meet any of his son-in-laws… and obviously none of his grandchildren. If he were still here on this earth – we would be so blessed. But – we know we’ll see him again, one day. And that is our hope

Many years would pass pass in my single years that I now know were wasted; looking for love and relationship. I prayed and waited and waited and prayed and believed deep down that the day would never come – but I continued to hope.

I will say, though, that through this time my faith strengthened in the Lord and I clung to my Savior to meet me… every single day. I worked those years at a local Christian Bookstore and also at our local hospital on the Pediatrics and Maternity Wards… as a Secretary/ Nurse Assistant. I considered going on to pursue a nursing career but that door sort of closed, rather quickly …and I was content to just be a “testimony” if I could and do my best. I loved my both of those jobs and I believe they were perfect fits for me – God was Sovereign in leading me to both of those employment opportunities.

But realize… I still had this longing down deep to be the best wife and mom that I could possibly be and I still struggled to believe that even God would lead me to the right man for me. I was that Lady in Waiting…

In one way… more out of curiosity… and with the preface that I wanted to know what was wrong with me, (wondering why did I not have any dates or why couldn’t I keep them?) I decided to go online and just do the personality test that eHarmony offered.

Maybe that would provide me some answers.

It did.  I began to understand myself a little more… relaxing, letting go… letting God. But, for some reason, while the matches began to start coming in – like it or not - I kept my subscription to it, not really believing anything would come of it because after all wasn’t this like taking matters literally into my hands?  I wasn’t that sort of girl…
To make a long story short – I did meet my wonderful husband through eHarmony and that was over seven years ago. Next month, on the 14th of May, will be six years of marriage for Scott and I.

To bring you up to the current…we have two little ones Caleb James – who will be four in May and Aubrey Ruth – who will turn three in September. We also are expecting our third child in August.

I can’t believe I am where I am. It’s amazing how time flies and I know I am not the only one who believes that.

But, here is where the brutal, hard-nose honesty comes in…

To be Continued...


  1. I can't wait for the brutal honesty!!!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us....and congratulations on your gift arriving in August!

  2. This is great, getting to know more about you and what God has done in your life! Sovereign Grace Ministries is a great organization from what I have read and hear, I'm going to check into more from the link you posted! My husband is also from a big family, he's the oldest of seven! And our anniversary is on the 8th of May - seven years for us this year! I can't wait to read more of your story Bevy! :)

  3. PS> A good testimony is not determined by how many tears are shed! Any work of God in our lives is miraculous and worth sharing!! :)

  4. How wonderful to read your story, Bevy. I'm so glad you shared and I look forward to part two!
    Oh, and congrats on your August arrival. New babies are the best!

  5. LOVED, loved, reading about your story! Looking forward to part 2! I'm gonna read it right now!


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