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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Nest" - Sisters Shoebox Swap Show-and-Tell

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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to be part of a Sister Shoebox Swap, with Monica, from The Homespun Heart and her sister, Carrie, from  "with all that I've been given".

Beings its Spring, the theme for it - this time - was "Nest".  What a lot of fun this was.

Today is the scheduled show-and-tell of the swap over at Carrie's.  Hope you'll go on over there to take a look.

I had the distinct privilege to be paired up with Monica - herself.  These are the fun items she had tucked into the box... Mrs Meyer's Lavender Spray (how did she know I've always wanted to try this?), a cute spool  twine dispenser, polka dot spoon rest, two cute white hobnail bowls, Shabby Chic note cards, a pin and finally, an Easter garland that she made herself.

It was so fun to pull everything out and unwrap it.  My kiddo's especially loved the bubble wrap that some of the items were wrapped in. ;)  That kept them entertained for a long while...

If you want to see what I sent her... up close and personal... Monica took some really great photos of the items I sent her way.  Take a look - HERE!


Happy Monday  - to you!


  1. Hi Bevy,

    So glad you liked your goodies and that they all arrived in tact! :) I thought the spoon rest was so cheerful and happy and Mrs. Meyers is my FAVORITE! So glad you wanted to try and hope you'll enjoy!

    Thank you again!


  2. I'm heading over there Bev. I like this idea and I like the theme;)

  3. Bev,

    Glad you joined us for another swap. You and Monica put together lovely boxes for each other!

  4. Stopped by to view your blog. It is beautiful. Most of my husbands family is Mennonite. Such sweet, sweet people. I have learned so much from them and cherish everyone. They are what the refer to as the "Old School" Minnonites. You know no t.v, radios, ect.

  5. What a fun idea and such creative gifts.

  6. so i'd love to be a part of this shoebox swap! i've looked at other blogs who also participated - i absolutely love the idea! how did you sign up for it?


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