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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Simply Saturday | Tea Time

... . .. . .. .. . . . . . .. . .. . .. 

I almost made her get down - as she is always in this window playing with this china tea set.  Notice one teacup is gone. missing. broken. 

Instead.  I ran for the camera and told her to "do it some more". 

Big step... for me. :)  Arent' you proud of me?


Joining up with Jenn,today, at A Country Girl's Ramblings... for her Simply Saturday link up.


  1. LOVE THIS! LOVE the pig tails...love the preciousness of her enjoying her "tea"!

  2. Adorable! She is such a little honey, I miss little fingers around my home. Of course, my big kids still manage to break a lot of my things, so I am impressed with your little Aubrey no play so nicely.

  3. You captured such a great picture! I love how the cup completely covers her entire face!

  4. Cute, reminds me of Hycinth Bucket, she goes by Bouquet. :-)"Keeping Up Appearances"- is the show, it's British. She serves tea to her neighbor, who breaks her cups. Not into tea cups, more into mugs myself. :-) even for tea. :-) Hope you have a great day!

  5. Way to go and let her be a girl!!!
    Love this, Cheers to you!

  6. Yes, I am very proud of you, since reading your previous posts.
    I've enjoyed catching up on your blog the most of all.
    Oh Bevy, what a blessing you will be to other mothers because you have stepped out in faith to tell your beautiful story...

    I was almost in tears reading the posts. You have truly touched my heart. Thank you for being the real deal.


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