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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random bits wrapped up in yellow

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Our daffodils have begun blooming.  Although, these are a few from last years blooms...
I've been noticing the beautiful yellows popping up all around - everywhere.


It reminds me of where we used to live. 
 Behind our house was the largest yellow forsythia bush I have ever seen in one place.   Here is just a small snapshot of that large yellow patch.

The color yellow is significant, in the flower world, particularly when giving yellow roses, for showing joy and appreciation associated with friendship.


I just want to take today to say Thank You to all of my fine friends and commenter's and followers - old and new alike.  Thank you for reading Treasured Up and Pondered.

I just want you to hear it from me that I love you and feel so blessed to have all you fine folk in my "blogging" world. 

If I seem kinda quiet, around here, over the next few days it's because my hubby is home.  He took a few days off of work... it's "use or lose" the time.  So, with that said...there's a lot of catching up to do, like Dr's, Dentists, etc. here we come!

Speaking of.  Tomorrow AM - early - will be my 20 week ultrasound.  That's hard to believe.  Already?!?! Halfway?!?!?
Then, later in the afternoon, Caleb gets to go to the dentist for his first visit.  He's really, really excited to go.  We'll see - what he thinks about it and how he actually does with being there.

I'm still hacking up a lung... the doctor I saw today says he thinks it could be a combination of allergies and a cold.  I think, I agree. Still can't take anything for it.
Aubrey is now getting it a bit more intense now.  Ugh.  She was the one who had been the best out of all of us. 

Oh, but guess what?  I found the courage today to go back to the scene of the crime. :)

 Scott wanted to go to "the park"...  this morning.

Caleb did phenomenal.  Of course, the day was different, in that there were hardly any other kids there.  It felt like a ghost town.  That's how different.  But, nonetheless.  Courage was restored for me...today. 

Plus it helped having my hubby around, to be my "wing man".  Huge thanks for your great comments yesterday - your all so encouraging.

I greatly appreciate it.


  1. Thanks for the yellow, I could use some sunshine today. Tough morning full of tears already. Thanks for reminding me to go to yesterday's blog- I read it, finally- I had an experience with Chantel pushing the neighbor over in the play house, before 3. Way to meet the new neighbors and with girls, saying sorry and getting over things, is never simple.... :-( We never forget.... :-) Maybe it's just me... :-) Have a great day.

  2. Wow, twenty weeks already!?!? Crazy! Are you going to find out the gender?

    The yellow flowers are beautiful, thank you for sharing!! :) I really like yellow...*sigh* lovely!!!

    I hope the days off with your hubby are great, though busy! God bless Bevy!!!

  3. Beautiful! Love the top set of photos! Have a wonderful time having Scott home!


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