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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Calm this Storm

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My heart is incredibly hurting right now.

When news comes, and it hits close to home.  Way too close to home.  When there is nothing you can do anymore -because of it's horrible and tragic ending - and we dissolve to tears and resolve to "fight" even harder.  Where we beg the Lord for mercy; for understanding; for answers; for justice...

but the WHY? is still there.

When things just don't make sense and yet ...

Jesus commanded the storm, "be still", and the wind and the waves - obeyed.

Can He?

Could He?

Will He? 

((Calm this Storm))  Will he- do the same for my heart, this morning?

Will he do the same for this hurting family - who tragically lost their nine year old daughter, last night, to the hands of cold-blooded neighbor killer, literally right in their own backyard.

I don't know this family.  I can't even imagine... their scared and bleeding hearts.

But, I can pray...

Heavenly Father... will you please wrap your arms of comfort around this family and sustain them and love on this family.  I don't know if they personally know YOU as their Sovereign God and Creator.  But, will you remind them of your specific care in these deep, dark and tense moments that try the soul.  May they turn to you and look to you as their source of strength.
This is so hard to understand...
Even I am feeling the angst in my heart...increasing.  I need you, too, Lord - in this moment.  Bring peace.  Your peace, to this raging storm of question and sorrow.

We ask this in your name...

~ Amen


  1. I'll keep this family in my prayers today. I can't even begin to imagine the hurt.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I will be praying for their family.

  3. Thanks for your words, expressing what so many are trying to understand on FB this morning.
    It was so sad. It's hard for it to truly "hit" me, with all that I'm already feeling. It seems too much like a t.v. drama, like you said, too close to home. Prayers, are all we can do and the best thing, as well.

  4. Bev~
    How awful. My mind drifted to my own 9 yr old daughter. How much I take for granted of her just being here, just helping, just being a kid. That family feels a multitude of feelings and I am sure they feel cheated, as I know that is how I would feel. My heart hurts for them.
    Prayers ~ Sarah

  5. Oh Bev....your words are so truthful, and so close to my feelings this morning as well. Tears keep flowing, as I think of their loss, and the anger they must be feeling. Fears creep in as I think of my own family, and how I never want them out of my sight again. Praying God will calm this storm.

  6. I am with out words on this....your prayer is perfectly suited and I pray it along with you...

  7. Yes sweet friend, you can pray and so will I.

  8. I want to do something to help them.

  9. Oh, my heart breaks to read and see this story on the news. I have a sign above our living room door that reads "Souderton, PA"
    Our little Souderton :*( Who would have ever thought a murderer lived in such a quaint and lovely community ? Praying for the family.

  10. Oh this is awful! Makes me sick. I will be praying!


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