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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can we talk?

. . . . . .. .. . ... . . . .. . . . . . . .... .

That's what my son always says to us when he is serious and wants our full attention.  Kinda funny.  I suppose he's heard this, himself, a few times - from us - one more then one occasion.

Anyway.  I thought that, that would make a fun title for this post.  I have really nothing to say, much today - so I thought I would pull up a comfy chair, with my hot cup of coffee and just ramble on a bit between sips.

Is that okay with you?

Ahh.   Another beautiful day, isn't it?  I love opening up the house windows and seeing and smelling the beautiful day - outdoors.
I know I need to get out there soon - as the little ones have already been pushing me to get out there.  But, I wanted to make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats first.

My  Mother-in-law brought over a new box of Rice Krispie cereal yesterday - and I immediately had a hankering.

Do you ever get a spur of the moment hankering like that?

Anyway, I found a bag of marshmallows up in the cupboard that needed to get used up.  I had to laugh.  These things tasted fine - but were definitly "old" and lost their marshmallowyness... if you know what I mean.

I haven't tried the treats yet - but these things are going to be on the dry side of  different.  You can be sure...

Speaking of my MIL... you can pray for her today.  She is going to have at least one (maybe a few others) tooth pulled today and she always has to be put out to do the procedure.  She's not to thrilled, to say the least.

The farm where we live is "coming alive".  The farmer (whom we rent from) is out on his JD Tractor - plowing.  Ahh.... again.  Another love of mine on the farm.  Freshly plowed soil, the smell, the look of it - the sounds of the tractor making its way around and around.  Which reminds me, my flower beds need a little rototiller-ing themselves.  I was out there the other day with my shovel and right -hand man, Caleb, on the hoe trying to break up the large clumps of soil.

I've got to wait, I guess, till my hubby can lend a hand.  It was tough!

My peonies are in full bloom.  That always makes me smile.  But one thing that doesn't... is the little ants that are creeping indoors - constantly.  I've talked about them before (recently) so I won't bore you with the r"ant".

How's your coffee?  Mine is nearing the bottom of the cup.  I guess I should go and get these munchkins outside.  Maybe I can get a chance to work on my grocery list for our Monthly shop to Lancaster.

Oh, and I sure do hope that the "little gal" comes over sometime today - so that I can get a chance to get behind my sewing machine.  Little Gal is what my MIL calls our teen-age friend, Liana, who comes over about once a week, or so - to give me a couple of hours to either sew, run errands or clean - whatever is needed.  The kids love it when she's here... and miss her when she can't come over.
She's great and such a blessing.
Ahhh... good to the last drop!  My coffee cup is dry.

I enjoyed chit-chatting with you, over coffee... and,  I hope you have wonderful rest of the day. 

May the Joy of the LORD be your strength.


  1. Yes,

    It was good chatting with you this morning:)

    Although I drank my cup of coffee way before we chatted I suppose, but at any rate, it was good too:)

    I do get a "hankering" for such things as you....In fact at this moment, its cheese cake. I'm CRAVING it like their is no tommorow. Only I forgot to pick up the ing. at the store on Tuesday and so now I am cheese-cake-less...and that's just no good for this hormonal mess of a mama.

    My peonies are in full bloom too and as I type, I can smell their sweet, rosy scent as they are EVERYWHERE in my home. Minus the ants, I hope:-)

  2. Cute post! I'm way past my morning cup, but I did put a cup in the fridge for an iced coffee this afternoon! It is super warm here today and I'm hanging laundry like a mad woman! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Bevy - it was a please to sit and 'chat' with you! ;) And yes, I do get random hankerings...alittle to often sometimes! :) I too have a girl that comes once a week to give me time off in my studio, or go visiting or what ever. I love her and so do the kids!! Though I think she might be getting a full time job soon, so I may have to find another.. :( If I lived closer I would just share yours! ;)

  4. Hi Bev

    How are your peonies in bloom already?! Ours aren't even close to popping yet.

    Ants...I got a way to get rid of them. Make a simple syrup and add boric acid to it. Leave little puddles where you think they come in at. They will come eat it and take it back to their home. It may get a little worse before it gets better but it should work. It did for me and Carmen. : )

    Happy Anniversary (a couple days late! :) )


  5. The Green Cross Ant killer works very well. Just put it in cracks or corners that little fingers can't touch since it is very poisonous. I enjoy your blogs and your musings very much. I especially enjoy your strong faith and your open love for Christ.


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