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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Front Porch Chat

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Good Morning!  I thought I would sit and chat with you again... how about out here on the front porch?  My coffee is freshly brewed... how about yours?

Pardon my quietness yesterday.  I had a pretty busy day and just didn't get around to blogging anything.  I was doing stuff like; MOPS Bible Study, a new haircut, and playing outside with the littles later in the afternoon...even some sewing, just a little...making dinner... visiting with neighbors.

So, I've been taking quite a few *new* photos, around here, but have no way to show them to you... we're still working out a few "bugs" - on our "rebuilt" computer, here.  Sorry about that.

With this... (in all honesty) I've felt so uninspired to blog without recent photos to accompany it.  I just may have to take photos from the archives of the blog- which is what I have been doing here of late - and I know it isn't the same.

But, this front porch thing.  I love ours.  Especially first thing in the morning.  There are many, many front porch moments for us around here.

photo taken at dusk - sometime last year
 Right now ours looks like a bunch of kids live here.  You know, the big wheels and bikes and bats and balls everywhere...  charming in it's own right, but I do like the clean-look-of- front-porch-rocker charming even better.

Speaking of...

Did I tell you our neighbor ladies are moving?  It's the neighbors we've shared the front porch with.  Well, they are moving.  Officially as of today - they will have completely moved.  They've been moving stuff - slowly over the past month - and with them go their two front porch rockers. 

There go my photo props for my Bags by Bevy!  Yes, I've used them from time to time... for that reason. ;)

Anyway.  Sitting here on the porch... right now, the breeze is so beautiful.  I'm enjoying it now - before it gets too hot.  Come afternoon the little ones still want to be outdoors and it's just too hot for me... as we don't have a lot of shade out front.

Being out here does invite conversation with the neighbors and Mr. A., the farmer whom we rent from, as he's here all of the time - doing yardwork and farmwork - and with that... the little ones will often get rides on the gator or lawn mower.

Often a friend will be driving by, honk their horn and wave - and before I know they'll be pulling back into our driveway for a friendly visit - out here on the front porch.

Speaking of...

I need to go and get me and the little ones ready - we're heading out to friends of ours for a play date at their house, today.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Our kids enjoy playing with theirs... and I know we'll get into some pretty "interesting" conversation ourselves.

I hope I didn't bore you with my ramblings...
and, I hope your coffee outlasted the conversation.  Did it??

Listen, I really do need to go.  Thanks for chatting today... will you come back again?


  1. I enjoyed your chat! I'm sorry you're losing your neighbor ladies.

  2. Nothing better than to ponder and ramble on the porch!


Thanks for coming by, today! You're visits always mean so much...

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