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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorable Moments of Thanks!

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What a wonderful day.  What a wonderful weekend.  Busy as all get out... but worth every minute of family togetherness.

How was yours?

Sharing memorable moments of thanks.

- another candle on the cake for my now four year old
- a Daddy who goes the extra mile to see that his kids are blessed
- gifts that come by way of two wheels, a helmet and a handlebar (plus training wheels)
- water to splash and play in
- gifts of garden tea leaves
- hot showers, followed by cool ones
- daughter almost potty-trained
- cold, sweet slices of juicy watermelon
- a yard to clean up
- fireworks - to watch all around us
- hubby's help with the flowerbed
- bed's to make
- dishes to wash and put away
- Caregroup Fellowship
- breakfast out, Saturday, for both Scott and I.  He with guys from CG.  Me with ladies from MOPS.
- a holiday off of work - for my man (although a day of work, at work, may have been easier and not as hot :))
- for those who sacrificially gave their lives, for our Country's freedom
- freedom to worship our Lord and Saviour - freely
- for courage
- for creativity
- for inspiration

(listing #150 - #170 memorable moments of thanks - where the giving of One Thousand Gifts continues to be a blessing. )

Pray for me, this week, as I gather thoughts.  Thoughts meant to encourage and inspire a couple of other ladies... as we begin meeting once a month to discuss this very book.  I was asked to lead out, at least at our first gathering. 


  1. I'm going to be thinkin of you this week.

    {still can't comment using Google:(


  2. Wonderful list! Happy Birthday to Caleb!


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